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Zhengzhou city cries foreign language school
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Invite applications for a job unseals a surname county is little English teacher

Have deep love for children education career, have the experience that take a class, responsibility heart is strong, be good at continuous study, synergic spirit, obedience leads working arrangement; Normal school is pedagogic kind of major is preferential, lively sunshine, modest, can hard-working, can hold to post, have group collaboration consciousness. English or relevant and professional three-year institution of higher learning reach above record of formal schooling, have stronger responsibility heart; Figure temperament is good, like the child, have patience, mandarin standard, english articulates sterling, spoken language is fluent.
Unit of invite applications for a job: Zhengzhou city cries period of validity of foreign language school: Half month
Number of invite applications for a job: Type of invite applications for a job: Body of culture and education is defended / legal professional
Professional requirement: Do not be restricted requirement of record of formal schooling: Three-year institution of higher learning
Workplace: Open closed to seal sexual distinction to ask: Do not be restricted
Foreign language requirement: English computer capacity: Do not be restricted
Census register requirement: Do not be restricted age requirement: Do not be restricted
Marital requirement: Do not be restricted salary standard: The face is discussed
Mandarin degree: The standard offers board and lodging: Do not offer
Part-time job / full-time: Full-time

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