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Unseal line of business of range of city weather abundant is finite liability co
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Division of flour research and development
Affirmatory monthly pay: 0
Whether to hold two or more posts concurrently: Full-time

Specific requirement: Post duty

Be in charge of new product analysis, development, development works; Technology of responsible new product changes the job; Be in charge of product quality and use sex appraisal, technical standard is made; Positive attention industry grows trends, improve product performance continuously.

Position condition:

1 job experiences: 5 years above directs new product development, development and promotion job are experienced
2 integrated quality: Familiar flour manufactures technology, have food project and knowledge of major of research and development and technical ability, have market analysis and the capacity that hold market demand tendercy; Have the capacity that communicates with the client.

Pay: The face is discussed

Contact an address:

Unseal town new gate closes a market 256 companies property: Joint stock company
Contact: King manager connects a telephone call: 0378-5680068 0378-5653802
Fax: 0378-5653802 email: Tf@tianfengmill.com
Employee number: 500-1000 person postcode: 475003
Establish date: 1918 register fund: 66.14 million yuan
Company homepage: Http://www.tianfengmill.com

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