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About frying you of the squid go regular
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These administrative terms listen to …… of program of plan of professional development, performance development, career come pretty good, however duty field always can not develop according to yourself's volition. Candid ground is told, be in a company in field of this fame and gain, be fried support of the people this thing, you must want to have preparation. Constant on-the-job field floats, which have what be not fried, unless you are,take the official of iron rice bowl-a secure job.

Do not think to work hard even if defend working the one and only way, according to my experience, ” of “ politics footing is flabby the odds that is fried greatly prep above performance is bad, several times may latter still formerer, it still is not in because of you foreign enterprise or inside look forward to and differ somewhat.

The tall hair that a few months after normally new officer assumes office are the incident that fry a person period. ” of most “ new officer likes to use “ concept the person of identical ” , say the dot is duty field connected through one's relatives clearly. Who to hold the post of to be unavoidable this common, again fair-minded person, like used person or oneself acquaintance, or “ concept is same the person of ” . Of all ages no matter duty field or official circles are such, have those who take a sedan, have carry of the sedan.

New officers -- the new officer that does not have experience of too much management especially -- like to fry a person, it is the consideration that out feels to oneself safety actually. No matter be airborne,just still rose job, how does the first their problem on the job face his new subordinate namely. But, the situation that becomes one with completely with these new fellow workers normally inside short time appear very hard, if the subordinate that a few moves do just appears in a group, this is planted normally meeting influence reachs a record whole government atmosphere, the authority that causes new officer thereby drops. Fry a person this kind of method, contain the effect that shake absorbs at that time, also be for oneself position safety.

But it is infinite that the attributive of a controller is not, again high position also is such. He should get for certain ranking administrative clamp down on, also can get inferior with the consequence clamp down on between the colleague. Besides, fry a person forcedly to also can create bad public opinion, it is appoint people by favouritism again or only friendly controller, also not dare hall and the ground of emperor is so dry, the “ because of this and duty field bright regulation ” is contrary to.

Since be contrary to with bright regulation, so, they go with respect to what can use some of duty field regular. Just informed subordinate of forcedly “ to you got the air ” this kind of thing, if not be reason very sufficient or it is controller enough stupid, the odds that happens normally is not big. Firing a person also is a kind of art, nowadays grooms the company is opened technically even have such manpower resource course, it is difficult to learn to rise to also do not calculate.
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