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The art of white-collar and boss conflict
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Case: The condition of be in a dilemma that dark annals faces

Dark annals is the advanced technologist of company of some civilian battalion pharmacy, had worked 10 years in this industry, have rich working experience, be in charge of the development of the technical appraisement of company drug and new product at present. Brushstroke of investment of their company plan is gigantic recently endowment develop a kind of new-style drug, but he is mixed to the understanding of the market before according to oneself the circumstance of drug market thinks now, at present the congener medicines and chemical reagents on the market has 200 to plant, had been in saturated condition, if buy the ground to build a house at this moment, augment equipment, reopen sends this kind medicines and chemical reagents to belong to blind investment undoubtedly.

As the technologist of new product, he says the opinion that understands his in time to the boss, but the viewpoint that the boss does not agree with him however, insist to think this project is profitable still. Dark annals sees what this new project is in the company begin busy ceaseless, and the enterprise returns the condition at deficit however, often get suffer from excessive internal heat urgently. He is facing the condition of a be in a dilemma at this moment: The boss is deciding his working position and income discretion, and the success of the business the interest with him also be closely bound up. If his opinion gets the boss' self-identity, handle well, avoided the loss of the company, can get the boss' appreciate; If continue to do not have sunset night ground to follow boss dispute with respect to this thing, displeased a boss, processing is bad, the likelihood can desertion a lot of interests, even already some rice bowl.

When producing difference with boss, if this where to not be troubled by the premise that deadlocked concerns to fall with boss, the business that holds to oneself is decision-making.


Manage market front line personally you hold very clearly to market pulse, and caboodle of file of boss body defect, office, very not close already to a variety of current situations of the market. For a business decision-making, you and boss produce difference, boss holds to with consistent experience oneself see, how should you be below the premise that does not make deadlocked impact with boss, is the business that holds to oneself decision-making?
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