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Boss and employee: Who after all faithful who
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Who should the phone of the boss that receives a lot of companies starts to talk even if leave, who who should be housekeep and oneself done again was opposite---

Also hear a lot of employee to blame a boss, wool of Huang Shiren pig unplugs---

In every case is a boss, when look upon employee, hope employee is faithful, but the object of respecting faithfulness is ambiguous. When company hour, what can say the boss says is faithful, it is to be loyal to a boss, people will dig, beat dead not to go, and the book that wants “ to read a boss, hear the boss' word, do good employee " of the boss. Implement the boss' directive strictly, be in charge of for the boss. But big company, respecting faithfulness, who does that say to be loyal to yes? For who be in charge of? It is to be loyal to a company, be loyal to boss, be still loyal to oneself? Be afraid a lot of bosses and controller, oneself did not want to understand this problem, will lead employee again, very inaccessible purpose.

The person that the profession works, want to be loyal to oneself. If an employee links his not faithful word, be loyal to a company how possibly? And be loyal to oneself, want to be loyal to oneself viewpoint of value namely, oneself are the criterion that the person conducts oneself in society. One does not have the person of the principle, a chameleon, it is irresponsible to oneself future and future.

Want to have the cause of own individual namely additionally, know what oneself want. An aimless employee, his boss is very painful, boss says: Work well, had worked, I give you raises. He says: I do not love fund, there is money in the home, going to work is for goof. Or say: Money this thing is external things besides the body, went almost, too much also not was necessary, I do not want money. Boss says again: That works well, I rise job to you. He says: I do stuff now very good, rose duty to become an officer, provide a person even, too troublesome, myself him canal is good. Then boss is biting a tooth to say: Work well, I give you study and the chance that grow, how? He says: I can be competent completely now the job, not was necessary to learn, too tired, say again to moment. How do you supervise such staff? His whats do not want, he is not had desire firm, without oneself target, how does the boss take him to do? Can say he is to enjoy the work, enjoy the life. But he is in current socially, qualified such? An aimless person, it is a person that is not loyal to oneself, such person, how is the likelihood faithful to the company? So the boss should teach employee to become above all, for oneself responsible person, just be in charge of for the company likely next, be in charge of for the boss.

Want to be loyal to the “ culture " of the company, carry out in each system under “ culture " . Why to say to be loyal to a company? The company is an abstract concept only, it is not a real person, the delegate person of the company can say is a boss, but boss and employee are lying between a lot of, think faithfulness also is not worn quite. Then the boss is in a company formulate regulations system, build company culture, undertake education and training, offer the thing like a few code. Employee is loyal to these “ culture " , according to these principles and thing of square deal with according to law, be loyal to a company namely, be loyal to a boss. This also is why a lot of bosses, emphasize the prime cause of company culture and system.
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