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Help you deal with working mad boss easily
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Recipe one: Make full use of the time of part of side side part comes recreation. I should spend 3 two hours to be on commuted road everyday, this time both neither is working hours also not be life time, however enjoyment time. There is MP4 on my neck, enjoying newest popular song, there is a pocket in bag this novel can browse at any time, nevertheless more moment are playing mobile phone game madly -- I pitiful dare have not bought PSP, because I suspect my control badly force.

Recipe 2: When working wholeheartedly, next coming home that do as one wants. When working must absorption, do not waste time in browse have nothing to do webpage and Bao are private on phone congee, the profit of soup clear water that if you can be inside 8 hours,does the business, OK and relaxed amuse oneself is used up after coming off work, the fine jading that even if you choose a nest to see “ in the home,should not walk along Bian Bian ” preciouses jade drama, also nobody dare jest you.

Recipe 3: If you do not like to work overtime, can come home working area. Actually, why must ground of orphaned and helpless stays in the office to work overtime, next does ground of travel day and night come home? If you come off work hind won't shake the body turns the apron that takes care of a child into housewife, can come home with taking the job so. Right, work efficiency is in the home may be affected a little, but you can wear comfortable night clothes, lift up is worn cross-legged or with ankle on knee, eating fruit apply to wear face film, listening to music to work, where is the working idea with can you still perhaps appear better?

Recipe 4: The network shops. Do not have time to go shopping, irrespective, get online buy! Low-cost go to the lavatory again, the save worry when the province be economical. Anyway I go scarcely now hypostatic bookshop and CD inn, everything what because I discover,I can find to need almost on the network. I had not tried a network to buy the clothes at present, because be not worth to oneself figure self-confidence, do not cross me to had bought pink of a bag of sufficient bath on the net however, use bubble foot to exceed comfortable -- enjoy the life, who won't ah?

Finally, if you work really very much very tired, do an ox to do Ma Dou indescribable the suffering in your heart, and you do not want to become “ job mad ” really really again, so, I think you have an idea only -- your boss enrols agitate person, let you be able to breath. I hope, your boss also is not inherent job mad.

Of course, want to have risk consciousness. In case the job that your boss is an one hundred percent really is mad, the situation is bad. To prevent to be worked by “ mad ” boss balances ” to drop to “ , or PK be givinged by colleague of mad ” of newcome “ job is dropped, occasionally, you also ground of tear of can full of heat establishs next oath -- I am not mad, who is mad?
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