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Build ladder on correct wall
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900 old before, china went out so ” of a “ artist. He is brilliant, artistic endowment involves the many fields such as word of calligraphy, painterly, poem, artistic appreciate. On calligraphy, the calligraphy of thin gold body of his original creation is without a rival, elegant and forceful and beautiful, biting; Regular script powerfuls bitingly, iron picture silver is hooked; Cursive high degree of professional proficiency, work force is deep. On brushwork, his painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, character is not had one not essence of life. His organization is made up write " announce and book guide " and " announce and a book on the art of drawing or painting " , " Xuan Hebo Gu Tu " waiting for a book is the precious history in art history research, still have all in all referenced value up to now. On artistic appreciate, he has distinctive eye and profound attainment. Once, painter people drew graph of peacock of a litchi to be judged to him admire. After he sees the work of painter, say: “ although you are drawn well, draw a fault regrettablly, the hillock on the peacock, often be to cite left base first, and you were drawn however carry first right leg. ” at first painter people do not believe, after observing repeatedly, fruit if character, can't help gasping in admiration secretly.

300 old before, china went out so ” of carpenter of a “ . His from a child has carpentry talent, indulge among them and skill is adept, general skillful craftsman too far behind to catch up with. His carven small chump, all without exception of facial features limb is provided fully, bearing of men and women each different, give these chump on besmear 5 kinds of paint next, more lifelike. He ever followed in court the style of palace of male Qing Dynasty, built a small palace, do not pass high 3, 4 feet, labyrinthian and delicate, wonderful artical excelling nature. His “ masterpiece ” is a such delicate fountain: Contain full water with big copper crock, set office in crock bottom hole. Mechanism one actuate, water with respect to gush come out. It is come down in torrents is like chute first, scatter then be like flying snow, embrace finally have a high flow, straightforward and go up, be like a Yu Zhu. At this moment, a lot of aureate bowl that hide in crock bottom beforehand also roll and go out, embrace on the top of water column, circle up and down, do not fall very for long.

These two people can say to go up respective times, respective be good at the talent in the domain, regrettablly they are not the name with “ artist ” is record in annals, engrave on discreditable column of the history with the identity of ” of “ absurd emperor however, the country must is in a complete mess by ” of their “ processing, the individual's destiny also is to make a person sigh sigh: Zong Zhaoji of badge of former the Song Dynasty by enemy state loot, after crossing abasement 9 years to live, by the side of the Heilongjiang that dies in a world of ice and snow; Latter school of Zhu You of Ming Xi an administrative unit in Xizang 23 years old one life returns on the west, one male half female also did not stay, gave oneself brother an awful mess of a swaying in the midst of a raging storm.
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