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"On dread " affect a profession to develop?
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The ” on “ dread becomes the human bottleneck that field of duty of a few people develops. Face boss, the distance that they are existing to be eliminated hard and awe-stricken feeling, decrease not self-consciously to be faced with boss thereby reach communication chance. I yearn for “ to succeed like our manager very much, but oneself are compared with him too insignificant, perhaps be admire, perhaps be self-abased. ” administrator of an IT company when Lisa speaks of state of mind of the ” on him “ dread, explain so, “ wants to consult a manager very much sometimes a few experience, but will be afraid that the manager is busy, worry to be not taken seriously again. How do you meet ” approach your boss?

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Have idea, did not act however, it is the initiative problem in professional maturity apparently. Initiative can mirror a professional person “ to behave ” actively, can solve the problem in working process, difficult problem actively. Initiative is most be helpful for young friend “ obtaining approbate ” , also be the important perspective when the enterprise makes evaluation, judgement to the youth, the expression that your initiative advantage can be in an enterprise for you graces many.

Character is broken surely more, still maintain a distance appropriately, need not cross much contact

Such practice, to your job, can adopt. But develop to your individual, it is very adverse, you will lose a lot of opportunities and a very good resource.

The boss also is a person, it is good that common heart is treated

Normally practice. The boss servantchooses a person for a job, the hope gets a talented person, the hope gets developing to the company having contributive person. Regard employee as the space that the hope gets he develops, with experience accumulate, so you are greatly honour or disgrace and in all relation, this choice, expand power without what make clear you. You know, in on-the-job field, it is more important that the boss that lets you or boss trust you often compare ability, namely manner. The initiative that raises you.

The boss is seasoned person, can acquire from his body a lot of

An any bosses, have him / the ability of herself and wisdom, know tone to use the resource beside, especially your boss, often do effective communication dispute to often be helpful for personal growth with the boss. Do not be afraid that oneself can make mistake, thinking in boss heart: “ actually I am so one pace walks over. Your problem as it happens can satisfy ” the demand of boss of ” of division of good humanness of a few “ oh!

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