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The virtue of choose and employ persons that makes you transcendental and free f
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Choose and employ persons, take seriously heart, still be ability, all the time since the harangue is constant. Oneself think one-sided serious virtue or heavy ability have its rationality and disagreement reason. Since have two sides of positive and negative, that, in business management, how should manage?

I think, just watch the understanding of ” to heart of “ of choose and employ persons, have ternary state. 3 kinds of states reflected 3 arrangement of business management level.

(one) choose and employ persons the first state: Hold to in the round from beginning to end with heart for first.

Reach this state, it is to lessons drawn from others' mistakes perhaps is sufferred from by its for certain. The management of this state, had had chosen consciousness and principle to the talent, than be not being measured heart just have progress. Right heart no matter pay no attention to,just belong to the 0th state.

(2) choose and employ persons the 2nd state: Heart just evaluate its benefit risk to be used next.

Weigh ability or serious virtue, have its rationality and disagreement reason, weigh ability or serious virtue, want to treat specific condition. The person that has ability can bring benefit, the person of heart does not have a risk. If a person has ability,have heart, so, this person is the asset with best enterprise. It is the object of first selection for certain.

If have the person selected of have both ability and moral integrity best, but the company won't be such from beginning to end. Personnel may be in heart or ability respect has defective. Even if such, also not be complete heavy ability serious perhaps virtue. There are an accrual and risk among this quite.

Once had read a story, business of a short for Zhejiang Province asks some advisory orgnaization to undertake advisory a project, the hotel lets open bill specified number after the tall canal of responsible project recieves advisory orgnaization tall canal to have a meal tall, next recapture company submits an expense account. The controller of advisory orgnaization considers repeatedly hind this company boss reported this matter. Who expects this boss says “ irrespective ” , regard as did not happen. Why does this controller of advisory orgnaization decide so with respect to the inquiry, the boss says, this comrade of tall invoice, namely so ” of hobby of a bit “ , it is 100 thousand conversely, beat dead he also not dare mess things up.

Among this, it is this boss of the “ benefit in view of choose and employ persons and risk ” quite. Apparent, to the risk, he is sure; His appoint this person, the ability that is this person of course exceeds his risk far.

It is to say the risk is lesser above. If is the risk bigger?

The talent with higher risk, can use, but ought to use less, unless arrive difficulty, blame with cannot.
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