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Of employee and boss big " PK "
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(1) you just pick up the telephone, tell a client not to know, do not have method.

(You just open 2) order, not 聯 絡, do not track, the problem is not reported, do not handle.

(You just hit 3) forms for reporting statistics, inaccuracy decides digital validity.

(4) you just pick up the telephone, the feeling that never hopes the client has satisfaction, never hope the client orders a few money more.

(5) you just think you are to follow sheet, never had thought him every word and deed represents business, director, boss, company.

So, 妳 insufficient case does to follow sheet competently, the job of 妳 , anybody can be replaced.


(1) you never put hour of target of sectional outstanding achievement in the heart.

(You never had thought 2) individual target remote closes sectional objective to reach.

(After 3) sends sample, never had thought a result how, why don't have a message.

(After 4) quotes, never track why don't have order, more or less can difference clinch a deal.

(5) order is much, never go wanting how to return a responsibility, drift with the tide, have dance along with the client.

(6) order is little, do not go investigating what matter, fine long hair is impassible, be without a movement.

(You never had thought 7) more professional before the client, more be as good as one's word.

(8) job does not plan, time no matter manage, cost is not controlled, the client is not communicated.

(9) it is troublesome that you think to develop new client, new market, painful.

So, you are insufficient case does a competent business personnel, you are the burden of all of us.


(1) it is exceedingly important that you do not regard client demand as.

(2) you do not blame the client regard as preferential settlement matter, find out self-criticism actively.

(The deliver goods when you forbid 3) constantly, can wait for you forever when door of be a guest.

(The problem of client of 4) business reaction, you disrelish him irritated.

(The problem of character of 5) client reaction, you disrelish him to nag, inspect him to be sodden client.

(6) you often 〝 very troublesome " , 〝 has difficult " , 〝 not to want to do " , 〝 impossible " to be hanged in mouth edge.

(7) class of your every sky regards as routine works, seek problem, improvement not actively character.

So, you are insufficient case does a competent stuff, work together with you, I am very fatigue. Business people outer effort, without good quality, become backup force without good service, all effects can sell at a discount, jump to affirmatory metropolis of the client ticket, we become eloquence top-ranking, character company of small-time of second-class, service.
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