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The necessary big statute book that duty field lives
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Read surely one: Respect the private space of others

In OFFICE, private space is very precious, indispensible be respected. “ disturbed ” , “ feels embarrassed ” is to have beg at person or the indispensable conversation when interrupting others to work. Additional, write down sincerely knock first the office of reentrance others, do not want privately to read the correspondence on others desk or document, or browse without the license the cardcase of others.

   Read surely 2: The office is formal

A, phone: If you want the fellow worker that seek to happen to be absent, the assistant that does not want him writes down below one paragraph of big oral message for you, should ask him to turn batch to phone recording, leave your full name, planted agent. Simple content hangs a line next.

B, copycat: When you one fold a file to need to copy greatly, and annulus when awaiting the colleague after you to think to copy only, should let him be used first. If copycat paper uses exhaust, write down sincerely add; If paper blocks a place of strategic importance, should have handled first leave again, if do not understand,repair, ask others to help.

C, corridor: If blame is necessary, do not interrupt the conversation between the work in the same placing. If you had been interrupted, should ensure former colleague not by oversight.

   Read surely 3: Keep clean

A, desk: All food must eat in time or desertion, otherwise your table can turn fly into densely covered rubbish dump likely.

B, if have communal kitchen: Do not put dirty coffee cup inside the pool that wash a bowl, also do not want will mushy or the rubbish that identifies hard enters dustbin. In addition, avoid to add the food with steam powerful flavour with microwave oven. The juice that be like dish 4 splash, write down sincerely after be being wiped clean, leave again. Be like what you drink is last cups of water, ask get more.

C, female closet: After using the toilet, write down sincerely strong lavatory ensure ” of all “ thing already was swept. If lavatory paper is gone, help please change new. Trash should throw garbage can well and truly.

   Read surely 4: Have borrow have still

If the colleague is arranged,sell, ask prepaid place to require cost, or seasonable after he comes back a money reassign the other side. Be like you just money is insufficient, also should be in pay off the next day, because like without the person,chase after to the person with thickskinned demand money. No less, although the appliance inside the company is not private article, but also must have borrow have still, may hamper otherwise the job of others.
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