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Make manpower true become resource
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” of “ manpower resource takes seriously for numerous company place increasingly, we are glad also see go to large company from medium and small businesses, regard a company as to develop the strategy for a long time to undertake the system plans manpower resource construction. How should make manpower true become resource after all so? How should medium and small businesses make civilian run again is manpower resource built?

Widespread presence wears a kind to know in the enterprise: Company foundation servantchooses a person for a job demand, or uses exterior invite applications for a job, or undertakes in-house choose, after singling out right talented person, make groom before hillock, it is try out next, the qualification after try out passes is hired namely for formal employee. What the company becomes later is formal, in the future development, the enterprise has a so called “ to develop program ” oneself, this is the process of normal ” of major company “ , appear from the point of the surface also it doesn't matter is inappropriate. But the battalion that numerous civilian battalion enterprise also became iron to hit dish, the arms of running water, new employee enrolled a batch another batch, old stuff also went a batch another batch. To solve ” of panic of talent of “ of civilian look forward to this one chronic and stubborn disease, boss of a lot of civilian look forward to spends energy in leave no stone unturned to choose the talent, ability that dig a person to go up, then intermediary of hunt head firm, talent also catered to the psychology of bosses, the business is unusually thriving also rise.

Remember a dignitary Ceng Yu spends people “ to live in instantly ” , also should offer a piece of advice here a “ cherishs bosses of civilian look forward to eye forefathers ” . Because be not cherished, in civilian look forward to in a such big environments, the “ of A enterprise sheds arms ” to jump to B enterprise, the “ of B enterprise sheds arms ” to jump to C enterprise, the “ of C enterprise sheds arms ” to jump to A enterprise again, so current is why ” of “ vicious circle? Of course, the talent flow between the enterprise can enter new blood, but the talented person that watchs civilian look forward to instead flows, the prediction of a person's luck in a given year that is cause talent partly greatly very just forces the talent that come out flows, also let an enterprise pay heavy price.

Cherish eye forefathers, saying from large part is the treasuring that wants an enterprise to keep consistent to in-house personnel, give them sufficient attention, provide the continuous study, chance that increase and space. Be in as a child saying is to want to respect employee adequately, respect the rights and interests of employee, respect the labor value of employee. Want to accomplish esteem employee, it is difficult to saying to be done easily, the charge that the company agrees to spend high price digs “ talent ” not to agree to have the promotion of a high administrative levels to having the salary of employee however, the welfare pay that links at least even wants rack one's brains to fall lowest. " labor contract law " carry out those who be aimed at this kind is non-standard put forward to set: If probation needs to pay insurance to employee, employee must not have probation twice to wait a moment. If the enterprise can be pressed strictly really " labor contract law " carry out, it is a safeguard to employee rights and interests undoubtedly, but the ability when regretting is the enterprise puts forward in law realizes but however may not accomplishs this, is this why the error of a kind of understanding?
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