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The art of strategic management and science
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If know where we are now, know how we arrive at here, can see where we will move toward. All these are strategic management. Strategic management is to make, carry out, assessment industry can achieve its goal, cross the art with decision-making function and science. The meaning of strategic activity, come true namely and hold competitive dominant position. To accomplish this, strategic management needs each respect such as production of sale, financial to the market accounting, research and development, informatization to have comprehensive program and government, either it is the evaluation is adjusted, will achieve the success of the enterprise. This shows, strategic government activity is sure experience program, carry out, evaluate these 3 phase to make a whole technological process.

In strategic program level, want to determine task direction, undertake SWOT is analysed, resource configuration, establish a goal, make piece can offer the program that implement. The resource that case of this one party must be an enterprise can accomplish, let those who change company earnings is the largest. Once strategic deviation, the competitive dominant position that affects a business in quite long time and success or failure.

Level is carried out in the strategy, I felt to cover the square respect range of business management. From company culture, organization resource of structure, financial management, manpower arrives information system, each branches and administrative link can be affected, cooperate to carry out the job cheek by jowl. Crucial part depends on HR and finance affairs.

Be in constant change as a result of the element of ministry of inside and outside of the enterprise in, the strategy needs to adjust and be revised ceaselessly, this needs strategic assessment. Examine external environment, data of integrated outstanding achievement, make modification plan and carry out.

World everythings on earth lies in distinct change, I present am being told on philosophy is not me of the past, I I prospective am not now, I present should struggle with me in the past, I what be the same as future contend. Each body such, the market that has each different and individual composition is more such. Market environment change quickly, cannot foreknow more very much with sealed thing sure meeting is in our before happen. So, be placed before every strategy constitutor, wanting the strategy that have to be made after all is to having artistic creation or scientific research.

We are informed constantly the importance of experience, in strategic government process, experience, judgement and feeling, also exist all the time, the company that more very much successful personage guides him by intuition walks out of predicament, creation is brilliant. Below this kind of description, strategic management should be an art, controller is aspersed along with sexual brandish. However unassailable is, commercialize when artistic experience, the portion is then particular free and easy with respect to subsidise. Strategic management is more such, because it is the one part of market activity originally, break away from the market impossibly and exist alone. Although changing constantly, but do not move evenly according to definite pattern. When it moves towards a sealed high speed, what is experience in charge of to use. Experience just thinks to the ground of foregone general affairs and precipitate. This moment, strategic management must pay attention to scientific research and analysis.
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