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Foreign language of duty field white-collar charges " 3 paces " go
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How to learn a foreign language? It is the issue that student of a lot of on-the-job adults discusses jointly all the time. The reporter grows up greatly each in this city the understanding when foreign language orgnaization interviews arrives: Be in at present Dalian, japanese, English remains amateur of duty field personage to have the way of two big main trends of foreign language study; From 2 outside introduction, exam crosses level, arrive to hear of actually apply, the attention of the every class person that can get a large number of attend school. But on the other hand, many student because time problem, hold to last class of some course very hard.

Professional person learns a foreign language how might as well from time, class model, serve three respects overall consideration.

   1The pace overcomes time conflict

Recently, the Xiaozhang that works in the software park is a little helpless, “ goes to work, the place apart that attend class is further, draw near job of the end of the year is busy wait for a series of reasons plus traffic, weather, the study that lets me becomes more and more difficult, wait time says again. ”

Nearly two years, foreign language of Dalian city adult grooms the market high speed develops, annulus shows consideration for and take care to preserve city, exist already having 10 years, the old brand foreign language that does history of record of formal schooling 20 years grooms orgnaization, also have the newly emerging force of nearly two years of budding development.

When curtain of night arrives, the part of on-the-job student change with hasty circumstances or style of departure, take book to press want foreign language of take lessons after school, they become adult foreign language to groom the main source of student of the orgnaization.

But an awkward excuse that “ makes personage of field of a lot of duty interrupt foreign language study without time ” .

To this, president Cui of neologism character school tells a reporter: Foreign language study is the process of a successive, requirement learner should have perseverance to hold to after all, follow learn to follow practice. Everybody faces time problem in the face when, might as well establish timetable of an amateur study early, take beside, supervise and urge at any time oneself accomplish harships not by accident.

   2The pace knows a class in the round model

The personage inside course of study discloses: Now, student demand adds much, option gradually the manner is more and more rational; This learns school open up with respect to the requirement more classes undertake choosing for everybody; Beg a learned man signing up attend groom while, the class that wants pair of schools have an all-around knowledge with business, in order to expect for oneself collocation gives ” of delicate “ study big eat.
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