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First him recognize hind get used to others
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Finding new job now is common phenomenon, especially frequency and density are higher and higher, from the player or from to apply for a job person angle looks, their every time jumps the most primary purpose is to want to seek the opportunity that suits his to develop more for certain, place may jump oftener with causing them.

■ dying one “ turns ” , dangerous “ jumps ”

The most dangerous in finding new job should belong to turn went. To the youth, cross an industry to change the development way that can widen he did not come, try disparate industry, seek optimal progress. But 35 years old of above, unless be to go high tall to jump, should more the attention turns the security of travel. Turn the motive of travel is what should be analysed seriously, because do not understand this industry,be, good crank has a try, still have fun at to that industry really. To finding new job person the interest that will tell him is very main still.

Firm job still does not understand him without person of two years, know what oneself don't like only, and one can search when applying for a job omnibus stronger position. It is difficult to cross an industry to be held out actually, do real estate for instance, turn to do IT to sell a likelihood all right may not is very recipient. Especially the experience that he had those who comparative to accumulate, the real estate that did 10 years for instance is changed do other those who be like medicine, sanitarian thing, can appear a lot of problems, crossing a trade so is not so simple.

■ find new job, turn row first him recognize, others suits after

Find new job or turn what factor should consider when going? Fu Zhiyong puts forward, what need an attention above all is, understand oneself well, jump from what cross a trade before especially, also can fumble actually so a lot of things, want you to experience and be summed up only. These jump previously also is to abound his to appreciate again of experience accumulate. This paragraph cannot say is otiose, very useful also, want you to be good at summing up only.

Next, small adjustment should be obedient old way. The person that finds new job often often can think he is very unfortunate or have unrecognized talent, actually this is the error that each person has an opportunity to walk into. Why somebody can suit come down, cannot somebody suit come down? E.g. him himself read aloud industrial and commercial managing, when making an item, the professor carries the person that you like least of all to be done together, then you are about to regard it as a kind of challenge. The most important after taking this error so is how to be overcome, is not how to escape. Change others is actually easier than him change much.
Origin: Henan net of 9 rich talent
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