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[Find new job | Experience talks] collective finds new job, one not careful stat
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Liu Wei was last year a of graduation alarm school student, after the exercitation ends, apply for a job, accidental opportunity family insurance company informs birthday Liu Wei goes interview, interview first try was passed later, sign up directly after the second-round exam attend insurance agent to take an exam, he passed an exam. Begin momently from this, liu Wei enters insurance industry.

Pass a company a series of grooming Liu Wei began to be sure to sell, as a result several months do not have outstanding achievement, also do not have income. Eventually some day, after Liu brighting little sister gives Introduction Liu Wei the client, liu Wei began to sign sheet. Pass partly in an instant, he did not make what money again. Happened accidentally -- Liu Wei's manager takes their collective to find new job went an insurance group works, train his manager to want to appreciate at that time, then ability decides and she weighs feel uncertain together additional open business. Just discover later, he cannot join a company with his true identity, because the industry does not allow. He regrets a bit now, be forced to use an other identities to be being done, in the heart very afflictive. But there is better progress to want at that time, liu Wei believed a manager, but he discovers the manager is lying later make a habit, he becomes very be fed up with the those dashing along word that when hearing her interview, says, he feels too false.

Because former company does not give Liu Wei people deal with leave one's post formalities, the manager also does not go and lead report, always call him himself to deal with formalities, liu Wei went many times coming back disappointedly. Did not succeed, his discovery is in with respect to oneself later busy these, and others is lying together with the manager. Time grew, he is overcome the style of the manager, want to trade a company. He goes to company of risk of a birthday looking recently, the manager is very good -- it is the sort of successful personage that he admires, still give him a few books, liu Wei is very happy, feel to follow such manager to work should pretty good.

But, he still was not dealt with leave his post normally formalities, here the company is bad also to accept him. He looks for that manager theory that takes him to find new job, she still is not responded. Then, the company of Liu Wei new settle on does not go, and he does not agree with that following manager again, in the heart very sad, how should the way that does not know future go.

Such youth brights like Liu on duty field a lot of, with respect to its psychological mechanism looks, finding new job is one kind seeks self-worth and the psychological mood that safeguard proud consciousness, but on the person with different now system of specific land of ” of self-worth of this kind of “ and ” of “ self-respect consciousness, having different intention. Some people find new job is to can have more salary, some people are to develop his special skill, some people are after be, oneself do poineering work accumulate experience and wealth, because,some people are with boss or colleague dissension, do not wish unvalued etc. Taking one with another, no matter be to stem from what reason,find new job, still jump rightly with incorrect, it is the maintenance of the value to oneself and proud consciousness. Liu Wei finds new job, it is the “ incendiary ” that got boss apparently, find new job jump so that some do not have ego -- follow others one drive easily, this kind of circumstance, often be to find new job an accept beneficial, and the person that follow is damaged. Liu brights even if collective finds new job, the typical case that interest of the person that follow is damaged.
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