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5 paces take duty field, let you more " costly "
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Be what created such difference? The key of the problem still depends on promote to a high office in them faster that, can be good at actively undertaking professional ability is laid in, raise the capital of professional career.

What is your duty limitCapital

The capital of alleged profession career, simple for, must cover 3 aspects, it is sufficient capacity, the reserve that includes knowledge of professional skill, government; 2 it is a manner, work namely the culture that whether manner and style agree with inaugural company of your place hope, open eye shot, compatible the breadth of mind that wraps, be good at study and the ability that get used to a change, the duty field that can be you adds cent, for prospective profession development creates infinite possibility; 3 it is sincere letter, jackie of the president before GE·Welch ever showed “ sincere letter, this is our highest value, have sovereign importance ” , establish retains the basic principle that the humanness such as sincere letter plays, it is the key of on-the-job field remain invincible.

Of course, the premise of all these must be can clear understanding ego, him understanding hopes to reach the professional way that can be engaged in. Accomplish these only, ability hour maintains and promote oneself duty field competition ability, make professional career presents ascendant state.

If why make addition in duty field

So, does if where,oneself duty limit make addition ceaselessly in the program? How to let oneself become more valuable as the accumulation of time, experience, more popular? The key should accomplish the following 5 respects:

Ego is analysed-- ,Know oneself

A lot of people cannot know him soberly, what is the dominant position that knows oneself, ponder over next this go toing where to go accordingly. When taking an examination of an university for example, a lot of people meeting ground is current socially so called popular major will declare read, is not to want what to do more the interest that accords with oneself, the result can discover when obtain employment he is faced with a lot of a Gordian knots. Once implicit, lack target, happy-go-lucky the normal in making professional career, ceaseless ego adds minute of inevitable meeting to become theoretic.

So, right way should be the dominant position that evaluates his, analyse ability of position of what kind of profession to produce the advantage of oneself adequately, reduce inferior position. Ego understanding reachs the process that evaluating is a ceaseless continuance, can evaluate through entering the profession that offers on the net, often perhaps wait with teacher, friend, family, director undertake discussion will finish.

Make the host of time
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