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Find new job the profession that fastens small talk to abandon be familiar with
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There were a lot of people to do a few years on a job on duty field, sense working handy, a light carriage on a familiar road- something one knows well and can manage with ease, have the thing of study no longer, oneself want to change a job to make bit of new attempt; Also some people feel he are in industry, enterprise to do not have how old development, want to jump to industry of a rising sun, pursue greater progress. Actually without giving thought to which group, want to do essence of life to had been done only, have positive result and character, be less than one place to confuse, resemble encircle a city same, the person in the city is thought out, suburban person thinks.
Everybody swims in economic spring tide, good luck and risk coexist, every trade that pursue resembles a stock, tall on any account is small, follow general trends already, what have oneself again is distinctive go situation, but, it is OK in that way that the industry cannot resemble a stock again at any time average sells piece. Because difference in profession makes one feel worlds apart, you do not have an advantage in new industry, enter very hard. Went in namely, you also should be in younger sister of division of junior fellow apprentice people from the back creeping, in the heart very difficult calm, cause necessarily find new job again change one's profession, cause professional career step disorder. Walk duty field, thinking cannot unbalanced, need to always hold sober head. To apply for a job is bad, it is difficult also to should do a work for a long time, success should be being made inside a domain or industry is extremely difficult more.
If be in your industry, you go but the industry is no good, you still can carry on the head; After changing one's profession, the industry goes and you are no good, that but miserable. The labour pains that change one's profession and dull and heavy, test and verify “ differences in profession makes one feel worlds apart ” is penetrating judgment. “ lies between hill to blowout ” , without accuracy, not only did not let the job become have fun more, more hard instead, return be mingled with to wear regret, the sort of in front have a tiger, from the back the taste that has a wolf lets person advance and retreat be not gotten, suffering can'ts bear character. However, careladen have not come loose, vexed subsequently and come, the ” of march of “ cutting down the member of persons employed of the enterprise begins to play wind instruments, you are met more high oneself, feel faint ward off blows, because be here, you are the recruit that does not have any experience, blame cutting down the member of persons employed are you returned who? So, not small to oneself familiar industry and job talk abandons.
Origin: Henan net of 9 rich talent
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