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Find new job, beware jump " flooey " !
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Encounter pay of development bottleneck, pay to be inferior to …… of occurrence issue of meaning, human concern person of every duty field is met encounter these situations inevitably, a lot of people can can't help thinking of “ finds new job ” . But we often see, somebody jumps over jump flooey, even a few people encounter slippery iron Lu in crossing an industry to find new job. Find new job even if resemble a Shuang Renjian, since opportunity, draw the crisis extremely likely also.

When the individual considers to find new job, the most important is to because,do not want of pay pay, human environment, boss work style, collective atmosphere wait for a reason and find new job at will. If think it is OK to find new job by accident,solve duty field problem, cause the situation that faces at the end of one's resources likely.

Have find new job the to apply for a job of idea person, might as well from the profession fixed position, professional knowledge is accumulated, 4 respects have starting point of compensation requirement, profession adjust, discretion is treated find new job.

Accurate undertake the profession locates. In the work that summarizes the past, what is oneself professional advantage, where is professional interest, on this foundation, the analysis that changes through reason decides his profession locates, is not choose a profession by the feeling.

Strengthen professional knowledge to accumulate. According to the demand of the industry, accumulate professional experience solidly. Professional knowledge of the individual can be obtained from inside book, but professional knowledge need is gotten from inside the job. Should form the core competition ability of oneself, lay next good foundations for the development henceforth.

Reasonable hold pay level. Undertake reasonable assessment to his social status. The directest content plastid that pay is individual profession ability and value shows, conclude after the actual strength of the person that the enterprise evaluates to apply for a job pay, and the individual is considering an individual integratedly a reasonable price drives after practical capacity.

Choice target company starts. Choice and the target company that oneself locates conform to closes. It is good to should find the enterprise that gets used to oneself profession to grow to hit start foundation, abound working experience of the individual.
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News source: 9 rich talent nets

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