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The yearly salary that allows you from 100 thousand jump to the recipe of 500 th
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It is the getaway that yearly salary controls 100 thousand yuan likewise, however weak point after time of 35 years goes, some people are climbed 100 thousand yuan from yearly salary rise 200 thousand yuan, go to 300 thousand yuan again, 500 thousand yuan, and some people still are in 100 thousand yuan however hesitate to press forward before the left and right sides.

This among them, the action of hunt head is result cannot do not have. Nevertheless, why hunt head chose among them one part person, and did not choose someone else?

Foster oneself into “ prey”

From the point of the experience of adviser of head of a hunt, the object of their pitch on, it is the development to oneself very calculated person, 100 thousand yuan to 500 thousand yuan span, unlike rises 80 thousand yuan 100 thousand yuan, 120 thousand yuan in that way, this is an average handler to professional handler span, to great majority difficulty is very big the person, this needs a person's elaborate preparation and plan, not be the cautious and conscientious in saying to working, suitable its can achieve naturally. Because of this among them crucial link, it is person of a profession should have specific development plan, asking oneself 3 questions momently in the job:

What does the development that didn't you come to plan?

The working status of a lot of people, it is complete all sorts of works busily, passively all the day, never consider oneself long-term plan, follow the market to drift with the tide. In light of the candidate that contacts every year from them, by them in ” of place “ hunt is in certain the industry rises continuously, the talented person that shows verticality progress to the manager from assistant, and very big to the industry span that those is engaged in, position rises the not big, person that shows compressed sex progress, enter their field of vision rarely. Make clear the development plan that oneself did not come to, it is the first pace that a handler grows, henceforth any finding new job, groom spread out around this one plan from beginning to end. The expert reminds, mere to those for at present 20% or more pay find new job, and the person that takes no account of professional development, the development foreground henceforth will be narrower and narrower.

Where is your professional difference?

The manpower resource director of firewood of 100 thousand the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor and 500 thousand yuan manpower resource chief inspector, the angle that is the angle from the individual or enterprise without giving thought to, it is disparate to their requirement, this is an average handler and the difference of professional handler.

From individual angle character, 100 thousand yuan of post with firewood of 500 thousand the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, raised different requirement to the many sided such as the individual's experience, skill. For instance manpower resource chief inspector, emphasize manpower resource expanding the management such as the strategy and innovation capacity more; And lay particular stress on of manpower resource director is assisted at the manpower resource of the enterprise and support. From company point of view character, to the talent of different yearly salary, the expectation value of the enterprise also produces very big change. Additional, exceed the position of upgrade, the enterprise spends a requirement to the professional faithfulness of candidate taller.
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