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Fade out of 10 points of company smoothly
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Be taken only and signed the Offer of new company, your ability to show a company offer resignation. To be not administrative post, you may be not taken written the case that recruit, but must affirm you with ministry of human affairs of the other side already by employ hind, resign to present boss again. Abdication should notice the following item:

To oneself immediate boss abdication

Do not want abdication of bypass the immediate leadership, also do not tell any someone else ahead of schedule. If your boss is not the thing that hears you to resign from your mouth above all, you may encounter a trouble. I ever was encountered have a manageress, the message that oneself will resign, did not tell oneself branch chief inspector and general manager above all, told predecessor general manager and union chairman however. Union chairman finds HR, the hope persuades this person to stay. HR finds general manager instantly, discover general manager presses a root not to know this matter however. This British general manager is right the practice of this manager greatly smooth fire. Later, this manageress does not want to leave as a result of a variety of reasons, but general manager insists to let this person leave one's post.

Submit abdication report face-to-face

When looking for a boss to be free, submit abdication report face-to-face alone. This is the esteem to the boss, also conduce to the reaction that understands a boss. The difficulty that you can understand you to leave from this has how old. If you are special crucial, the boss can persuade you to stay cordially. Sometimes you can get approving instantly, but some bosses prefer to block you for some time. Do not send abdication to report with phone or email. Such you are OK doing, but this is not professional.

Elaborate reason simply

Want to show the attitude that leaves his post stoutly, but need not expatiatory the reason that leave one's post. Professional development is best reason, sometimes domestic reason is good also. The professional handler of the foreign enterprise had been used to the come and go of employee. They need a reason that can persuade oneself and company, and the reason that not certain need understands you to leave truly. For example, because boss is not a thing,your departure is, he does not hope you serve as this of course leave one's post reason. If firewood fulfil is you,leave advocate because of, this also is not what good reason, do not say had better.

Do not blame a boss, not censure anybody, do not want censure company

Offer a person when you, if you are right company and employer are very main, the boss understands you sincerely to be opposite the company, opinion to him, do not say any dissatisfaction. You left, say to have why to use? The boss returns very can cordial ground to ask you, what complains, opinion, must not say too much, best whats do not say, should praise instead and thank everything what company and boss do for you. It is OK that the boss can want you to tell him the company the respect is improved in what, you are not foolish the ground tells one caboodle advice, also do not talk about the dissatisfaction that you propose a toast to firewood.
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