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Find new job " condole " how doing in the air?
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Find new job how is “ condole ” doing in the air?
Find new job, turning is occupational turning point all right, need has made all sorts of sufficient preparation, ability takes off. Not find new job, turn to be regarded as all right simple easily thing, find new job, turn before travel before should see way, see general trends, see time. Seeing way is oneself and photograph of which industry, which post match, after finding new job whether get development; See general trends show on-the-job field to lie namely what condition? It is to find new job to the height comes or be like water calmly; Seeing time is whether the opportunity matures, that industry that you prepare to go is position rises to still drop. But, some people however whats did not look, feel namely do not like present job to perhaps see fulfil of which industry firewood is pretty good, with respect to chicly abdication preparation finds new job, result, just knowing to find new job after take off is not to say to jump, stay dot has not been found for a short while, be in by “ condole ” in the air, do not wear on day, below not touchdown, went deeping and clear a remnant “ is foolish ” (asperse) .

  The profession considers example of hear a case:

Li Hui is the sale assistant that makes computer hardware, because was troubled by contradiction with the leader, say what must resign, think in the heart, the computer is a fiery industry, the salesperson is very popular again now, oneself had experience of a year again, why to want be deceived? Resign then, go not person, dry! But, in those days is April first, duty field begins smooth hasten weak, those who add resume, interview to prepare to do is inadequate, did not take position all the time, just May is the position such as equipment of computer hardware, network when gliding, sale assistant position also shows downtrend, although the computer is popular industry, but, a dark horse also has run tired when, so, position is not to be taken easily.

   Professional adviser analyses:

We once had said previously, find new job, turn should have done before travel the following 8 preparation: Thought preparation, resume preparation, interview preparation, bear hardships preparation, get used to preparation, psychology preparation, charge preparation, life preparation, be short of one cannot. But have some of person,take off blindly without ready-made unluckily, condole is in in the air, even a few months hang no less than coming in empty decline, how to do? The following methods can consider:

1. Ask professional adviser to professional orgnaization

It is to pass a profession to plan to undertake to oneself the profession locates, make professional evaluation above all, evaluation is a method, not be a purpose, the purpose is to find person hillock to match dot and the development platform of each phase. Professional fixed position is very significant, locate even if want to fall in “ to decide ” and “ to allow ” to go up, cannot float talk, include industry fixed position, direction fixed position, position fixed position among them, firewood fulfil fixed position a lot of. Oneself do a program to be no good, oneself may understand oneself, but do not know the market, industry, position, do not know which match with you. Advisory division evaluates index record of formal schooling, experience, ability, disposition, hobby, specialty to wait according to each, combine information of the market, industry, position, undertake multinomial analysis, next expert group diagnoses tegether, ability undertakes professional fixed position is mixed make development plan. Requirement of foreground of the market situation of the location that chooses to be being cut by advisory division again, industry, position, into travel condition, groom professional work of textual research, work, firewood proposes a toast English of promotion, industry run undertake detailed guidance, such, understand position when interview detailed, succeed easily, the job also handy. 2 it is to carry the extensive channel in their hand, collaboration significance with HR and hunt head, recommend oneself as soon as possible go out, recommend working rate through them fast, and person hillock matchs to guard a pass strictly, tower above also wants than what he searchs on firewood fulfil a few.
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