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Find new job cannot by " I think "
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Find new job cannot by “ I think ”

On duty field a lot of more current person, no matter be obtain employment,still find new job, lie the ego ideal condition that apply for a job, what does the professional fixed position that takes no account of oneself suit after all, always say “ I think ……” result, be bumped into head broken and bleedingly by duty field reality.

Duty field case: What Anne learns is telegraphic major, the father when entering oneself for an examination because of the university entrance exam says fulfil of this industry firewood is tall, the work is steady. But telegraphic and complex theory always makes her feeling in the end painful, did not learn from good examples in the school, in a telecommunication the company was done after graduation be less than a year, the theory of 3G more let her feel abstruse and difficult, oneself feel getting a technology is not a makings. A classmate that sees high school period becomes manpower resource pretty good, the heart thinks: The girl does manpower resource to suit quite. Then, see a book do not see telegraphic side, always love to see manpower resource side, the telegraphic knowledge of rapid development is more moss-grown, the job does not follow to go up even more, was fried by the company squid. Just began oneself to still be absent, the heart wants not to like telecommunication anyway, flat and direct turn to do manpower resource to calculate all right, but the knowledge of manpower resource looked many, however not system, always be sciolistic, whole half, add do not have experience again, be in numerous before the competitor that learns manpower resource major, always be defeated below blast come, the result resembles the kitten of that half-hearted fishing, one also is not angling, how should still do next in anxious thinking?

Comment on: Learn telecommunication to want to become manpower resource, institutional plan wants advertise, learn sale to want to do essence of life to calculate division, like and professional, reality always is not conform to, this is the beginning with unbalanced footstep of a profession, go very terrible. The first, not be oneself major, without a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success, think into “ I think the industry of ……” always does not have an opportunity, when awaiting an opportunity, with respect to the job that can not like as professional as oneself conform to, work mind is restlessly, do not have a heart to charge, before long, I think “ the industry of ……” did not go in, oneself industry did not work good, lost core competition ability, in which elite cannot be become in the industry, the job one cannot say for sure, what to still talk about to rise duty raises; The 2nd, if connected too human relation to enter “ really,I consider the industry of ” , but because do not have the record of formal schooling of this industry already, do not have experience again, so, be in this industry do not follow to go up the recruit of others, often sit in apprentice locally, probation is passed very hard, do not go on pay nature, addle of state of mind, regret to ought not to leave oneself den again, result, also be mind inquietude, do not have a heart to charge, be fried possibly before long, if catch up with off-season, lead a wandering life even some of day. So, want Gan Youxing interest already should consider to had better not lose major again, because compete after all intense, without major, competition ability is mentioned with respect to have no way.
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