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Await raises or wait machine to find new job?
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Whenever new year's day arrives the Spring Festival this paragraph of time, manager of business ways of the world is particularly busy, performance is evaluated, compensation assess must finish on time. And go up in talent market, employee of a few foreign enterprises also begins to appear again and again, hit explore prices, seek new development opportunity.
To accept gift, the enterprise pays close attention to pay prices. Usually, performance evaluates better employee, its firewood proposes a toast hopeful rises; Conversely, be faced with fall the likelihood that firewood or “ fry squid ” . To the enterprise, to be in a new year of more effective ground incentive employee, raises is its commonly used method.
Though the premise of raises is enterprise benefit and employee performance good, but the firewood fulfil level of course of study of person of the same trade or congenial enterprise also is an important payoff. Some enterprises, although benefit is not quite ideal last year, but the need that stems from stable worker team, also can consult the firewood fulfil level that market firewood proposes a toast prices will adjust this company.
Additional, raises extent also is the issue that company emphasis considers. The pay level of the enterprise is mixed to incentive employee control cost, stimulative development all has important sense. Benefit is good, raise worker pay level or make precede slightly at course of study of person of the same trade average level, enterprise but tarry talent; Conversely, with respect to meeting popular feeling shine medicinal powder, break cohesive affinity gradually. But, if firewood proposes a toast level greatly prep above market level, can cause pay cost to go up significantly raise, this is very adverse apparently to business development.
Accordingly, managers of a lot of foreign enterprise human affairs or firewood fulfil are in charge of close phase at attend industry compensation to investigate prices of seminar, pay to analyse a seminar to wait, manager of some human affairs is obtain more accurate, more valuable information, cost several yuan of compensation that buy professional compensation to survey a company to report even.
Long for raises, employee should adjust “ to expect to be worth ” . As above, before enterprise raises, can seek a lot of referenced data, in order to master range. To this, employee should understand somewhat, be worth ” in order to adjust “ expectation.
From manpower resource administration point of view says, raises should accomplish two to be helpful for: Be helpful for a worker, with active drive its work hard; Be helpful for an enterprise, must cost of reasonable control pay. In executive process, market firewood proposes a toast benefit of prices, enterprise and employee performance are evaluated, it is its main basis.
From at present the state looks, because economy grows quickly, standard of pay of talent market worker and talent price show growth trend. The country is right last year after mechanism institution employee and the salary that leave retired worker move 30 % on large area, a few state-owned companies, foreign capital enterprise even civilian battalion company is exploring actively the road of ” of “ attune firewood, its will show hill to show water ” in the “ after the Spring Festival as a result. But in because “ moves the own advantageous position of firewood ” ,mastering in enterprise hand, “ benefit decides the rule of all ” decided “ moves firewood ” to won't have common sense, and ascendant range is narrow, but the difference between the industry may increase. Forecast according to concerning an expert, extent of foreign enterprise raises is 7 % about.
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