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Reject to rise the 4 big reason of duty
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Reject to rise the 4 big reason of duty
I want “ rise job! ” hears this good news that be filled with exultation, I however how glad also to do not rise: Perhaps my job is affirmed by boss, probably I am consolidated in the position of the company, more likely my professional career stepped one pace ahead again, life quality will get rising again. But I at the same time also ” of nose “ crisis is being stood by slowly. Rise job, a lot of people lift both hands to welcome, but, likelihood rising job is right the ” of “ sugar-coated bullet that duty field rises limit to be immersed in the crisis for me. About “ you have ” rising job why idea, do you have why to baffle?

Reason one: Professional road is lost successional

When the boss acceptance that becomes you rises job to you, it is a kind of award of pair of your job success no matter, still be resign to the new job with your bigger difficulty, altogether, your boss expects somewhat to you. But the ” of “ new job that if boss expects,you finish, with you before working experience is interlinked none, it is a blank even, you should consider, whether to want to reject the ” of “ lure by promise of gain of boss, whether should politely decline.
Professional adviser thinks: Professional career has helix ascendant sex, successional ” of the most exquisite “ . If your professional career appears fault, or the professional way with a good progress turns around suddenly advancing direction, so the professional development to you is ” of retrogression of a kind of “ . So the profession plans to emphasize sex of ” of fixed position of “ profession direction above all, recognize individual resource is in, after affirmatory profession direction, ability can make “ the profession develops level ” and put into effect, this appear particularly important.

Hinder at feelings, you accepted new job, you can feel pressure is heavy certainly: Working experience cannot be developed, human relation cannot be brought into play, everything from 0 begin. Lose professional way, follow a boss to go, will make your duty limit desultory, not know what to do, that will be the anguish of what kind.

Reason 2: Rise a space without individual advance

Through old put oneself through the mill, your assistant eventually plump, you are OK and volant Gao Fei. As company mainstay you, it is the boss' cosset certainly, also be the assistant that the boss wishs to lose least of all. Because of your importance, although had constituted menace to him, but for unapt be used by others place, so that was dug by other company corner, place serves with can continueing to be a company to let you, the boss gives you generously seat.

Professional adviser thinks: Develop a space without the profession, your duty limit Wan Re is lentic one pool. The “ expansibility ” of professional career decided you whether achieve professional goal. Accumulated enough profession to contain competition ability of Troy, core, but be developed however without the space, you can blame ” of “ no scope to exercise one's abilities certainly, rich and generous pay and the seat before bought outright your occupational to be able to develop continuously, it is certainly presumably not the thing of be to one's profit.
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