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Towards the left rises duty to perhaps go right person
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Towards the left rises duty to perhaps go right person

Walk duty field, who does not want to rise job? But, in case looking forward to of opportunity rising job still does not come tardy, or it is to wait for old opportunity rising job painstakingly to be reaved suddenly by others, how should you do, do why to choose? What course to follow? Recently, profession of career of exposed to the sun sought advice from an orgnaization to recieve several to encounter bemused duty field personage on problem rising job, rebec-ca is among them one of.

Rise office dream, mirage?

After major of Rebecca university international trade graduates, become manager assistant to a shipping company, general affairs of exit of responsible processing container and client are harmonious. After 3 years, rebecca is very familiar already to this kind of business, looked for an opportunity to find new job a company of wholesale American rapid motion, ren Cao makes a person in charge. On the English ability clique that the working environment of complete English makes her outstanding use, the organization that government of business of imports and exports works to also let her and harmonious ability got very big rise, earned many money 3 many years for the company, the boss also gives raises for many times.

But Rebecca is not contented. Do not think the arms when marshal is not good soldier, she is in this post already do a job with skill and ease, yearning for major of limits of working content, duty, job to spend can promote higher administrative levels, become the governor that business of comprehensive and responsible our region develops, have vaster space and the arena that show ability, obtain more to groom the chance that increase, and ……

The Rebecca that is full of dream rising job feels him work experience is good, working outstanding achievement is very outstanding, popularity it may not be a bad idea, the opportunity that promotes duty should be already mature, and the position that she admires in the heart also is pregnant because of currently holding the post offitly resign and vacant, work in the same placing are in in succession furtive li of shoulder congratulation that sending her she, him Rebecca also feels, this opportunity rising job is not her to not be belonged to. However, when just when Rebecca thinks,will dreaming to come true, the company made the ad of manager of branch of invite applications for a job to the outside unexpectedly, the chance rising job that tentacle can reach already became mirage -- newcome branch manager went to take up office very quickly. The Rebecca of exceeding lose accepts this reality hard really, recommend in the friend below, will to advisory orgnaization seek the help of professional program expert.

Expert analysis: 3 element will surely deny litre of job definitely

Be evaluated through a talent and interact, expert of program of profession of career of exposed to the sun thinks, generally speaking, the employee below two kinds of circumstances has an opportunity to promote: Was to appear new vacant position, 2 be new department, new post should appear when the company expands development. From the point of afore-mentioned circumstances, rebecca already had the requirement that raises duty truly -- her integrated advantage is contented and the following rise job 3 element:
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