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Spring finds new job day
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Spring finds new job day
This is a season that find new job! Blundering flavour is in air.
A lot of enterprises in spring are in busy invite applications for a job, invite applications for a job can catch, form of a few new course of study also brought rife work station. Opportunity special, often offend everybody ready to do sth. So when deciding to whether jump to new company or new industry, your consideration is most is environment of level of industry foreground, pay, work, also or it is program of individual interest, profession, social class, be what can make you make the decision that find new job?
Wonderful draft resolution
Fasten by blundering temptation
Say honest, I am a when have deep love for him own job a frank devoir, young staff member. Cautious and conscientious, serious on oneself working station worked 3 years, have not has wanted to change the job, have not has wanted to find new job.
But, because girl of this vernal spring is abnormal,knowing is grumpy, bring airy muddy; Because the application of the high speed development of IT and electronic business affairs develops,still be, too much Internet company unplugs like emerge the ground and piece, invite applications for a job can receive hold, bring airy Bacchic. Anyhow, whole sky is diffusing blundering air.
I am puzzled passivity shook so namely. In an overwork day, the colleague that is close friends with additionally two chats together, chatting, with respect to Di whisper cluck begins to blame the job busy, stake is too little, without overtime, those who be fed up with a manager is slashing. Under impulse, the decision quizs to the manager bonus be related. Just started to talk, was repelled by manager in a few words. Our decision of not reconciled to and manager continue to fight. Expect, the war is prelusive just pulled open, in-house contradiction already appeared, the war ends up with nothing definite. The result is, the manager adopts conciliation outside policy, hope everybody still resembles working seriously euqally before; And between the colleague, as a result of the occurrence of true colors of the moment of truth, outside making each other astonied, getting along is awkward very.
As a result of this small episode, at this moment my have no way to back down, going also is not, staying also is not. “ walks along ” , “ to find new job it is easy that ” says, just discover him have little talent and learning at this moment, he Te grows? Have why to like? In the market with talent so intense competition, I am a too ordinary small grass only; And stay, also make a person headache however, manager guard does not say, between the colleague no longer friendly. Below such atmosphere, how does the job undertake again!
So, I am advised by friends of blundering air temptation oscillatory, there must be sufficient preparation before finding new job, had missed oneself advantage strong point first, think oneself again find new job reason, it is for hobby of the growth of pay, individual, be still for wider development perspective? This is a problem that official of be in charge of an examination of unit of invite applications for a job should ask about mostly. Decide oneself goal again next, let oneself be in active position, must not temporarily actuation and fight with one's back to the river-fight to win or die. Fawn attacks prevent a jewel: But since the battle has begun, might as well undertake it after all. Otherwise the job henceforth resembles be in sloughy in undertake.
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