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Want to find new job? Capture the moon dance since August
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Want to find new job? Capture the moon dance since August

Does ● want to find new job? Capture “ removed moon dance ” in August

Come on the stage expert: Guo Ce

Incoming letter of reader plum young lady says: The chamfer that my the beginning of the year jumps, also did not consider at that time too much, feel wages rose only 200 yuan, find new job then come to now this company. But sensory profession chooses very much to be like person meaning later, hear suited to find new job quite August, so I am determined to jump again. Does excuse me the expert find new job now is the opportunity equal?

The expert solves: Finding new job is possible, but must set foot on the metre that find new job. Off-season in, position is little, resemble issueing Chinese checkers, the road of ahead is much already blocked up dead, take off not easily. Make good profession program first, those who find oneself is optimal cut a point, do those who have a cause to charge, had done specialization resume and interview coach, search an opportunity to find new job afresh again. To August, the person of take off is much, castle begins to become loose, vacate a few cavity, find new job at this moment, the position will be very much. Before finding new job, you should have made the following preparation, ability jumps firmly, accurate.

The first, make program of good profession career, find the main force that suits oneself to develop way most to, make the development platform of each phase along this road. Next, find the market that fits this road to cut a point, make oneself every jump one pace, professional contrail is go up in mainstay line. In professional career, fixed position and directional, it is a crucial task from beginning to end, cannot want to jump, bring about deviate masterstroke, the footstep is disorder.

The 2nd, once find,cut a point, be about to gather the information of invite applications for a job inside course of study of relevant person of the same trade and position information, to the position data of these fantasticality, your must goes digging ability to be able to have income.

The 3rd, know talent demand news, do compound sex talented person, pledge in intense competitive middleman and guarantor, maintain a volume, last, keep a cost, it is the communal and scientific fixed position of personage of every duty field, otherwise, you do not suit duty field to ask, if do not clutch,charge, learn new knowledge, new theory, meet prematurely senile. When trying hard to this direction when everybody, you are in imperceptible in regressive, will be washed out finally.

The 4th, had done specialization resume of to apply for a job and interview coach, resume is not two pages paper goes, each word should undertake study in the light of position information, should have professional with specific aim, ability is in interview opportunity is gained inside time as soon as possible. Interview has a lot of link, in intense competition today, it is not easy to take interview chance, because oneself are not professional, interview fails, lose a chance. Especially prices has two only 3 months, if be in this paragraph of time, you did not seize an opportunity, prices passes, you will are faced with again off-season the dead acupuncture point in, possible half an year did not work.
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