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Are you inside limits of new law protection?
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Are you inside limits of new law protection?
Compare with the labor law posture that adopted 1994, the protective limits of this law narrowed

Rose on January 1, 2008, labor contract law will be formal become effective. This appears in ministry discussion major difference, and in June 2007 the law that “ passes quickly after incident of black brickkiln ” , be regarded to be the good news of weak force laborer, and the sharp weapon that eliminates fairness of society of factory of sweat and toil, defend. But reporter investigation discovers south on the weekend, the crowd that Moses hopes to protect most, be extremely possible by repulsion outside the door of this law.

Here, south lists several kinds of occupations that are not protected by labor contract law on the weekend. In them, have a plenty of main body not to apply to this law, although some is in jural belong to by protective limits, cannot get protection actually however. The expert points out: Compare with the labor law posture that adopted 1994, labor contract law narrowed to the protective limits of laborer.

1, use worker worker illegally with what ” of “ black brickkiln is a delegate

" group state " the data that according to “ group of teamwork work of processing of incident of black brickkiln ” publishs, shanxi is saved in all fish does not have card tile kiln 3168, involve with labour 81 thousand person. Among them 13 ever used child labor illegally, the smallest age is 13 child labour years old. Kiln is versed in people got up at 5 o'clock, midnight at 12 o'clock knock off. To avoid worker take flight, prison labour union is in nightly chain work shed gate. After incident of ” of “ black brickkiln happens, the syndicate of 9 ministries and commissions such as labor safeguard ministry the special act that “ punish uses labour ” illegally. Inside a month, in the countryside of countrywide each district fish of small brickkiln, small coal mine is not had according to management unit 67 thousand, involve without use worker worker illegally according to what manage 1.434 million person.

" do not get protective account " illegal kiln advocate use child labor illegally, “ endowment ” and Fang Jun of “ fatigue ” are belonged to illegal. And the adjustment of labor contract law limits must be unit of lawful choose and employ persons and laborer.

" legislative and authoritative personage is responded to " because of black brickkiln incident, labor contract law added technically in be discussed for the last time, it is the 93rd regulation: “ manages the illegal criminality of unit of choose and employ persons legally to be not being had, investigate legal duty lawfully; Laborer has given work, this unit or its are contributive person ought to according to this law pays work reward, economy compensation, compensation to laborer about the regulation; Cause to laborer damage, ought to assume liability to pay compensation. ”
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