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How does professional female answer birth bottleneck
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Adviser of resource of assist bless manpower is firm partner, advisory, the estrade of field of duty of be a guest of Mr Luo Qinghua that has experience of work of resource of foreign enterprise manpower and manage of 8 years of multibarrel to seek advice from experience, answer the netizen asks.

The falling of one leaf heralds the autumn says: I am graduated from foreign language universities and colleges 10 years ago, work 10 years, work before 6 years in one wife and children foreign enterprise, got the chance with experienced experience of each field work, had made interpreter, sale, purchase, administration; Hind because high post of high pay of this large foreign enterprise digs me now,was in charge of administration in the past, found new job. Begin 2 years to accept put sb in a very important position quite, because of be pregnant production rested after half an year, after return post, clear him sense is led to ignore, and the company has exchanged 2 times my working section is mixed content, bring about mix because of business in new department human not be familiar with and be repelled. So the job is compared now not satisfactory, unpleasantness and feel without achievement. How should I plan and to how should I plan and manage oneself professional career? Should search good good luck to find new job? Long for an expert to dispel doubts. Thank.

Luo Qinghua says: Hello. Professional female encounters development bottleneck as a result of birth problem is common phenomenon, but the root that solves this problem comes from the duty field competition ability at you oneself.

To this specific issue, if you do not want to leave this company, suggest you find negligence and unused reason first, judge oneself to improve a method possibly thereby; If do not have method improvement, from the point of your setting, should meet other opportunity. Your closest profession domain is administration, gaining admissive professional opportunity the most possibly also should be to be inside this domain.

The program that you say and the professional career that manage oneself have bit of too wide flood, although you had been engaged in different domain, but do not be clear that you are in the development latent capacity of different domain. Administration is right for the enterprise, the most important is to serve efficiency and company loyalty to spend, you can ask to measure your characteristic according to this.

Cold acerbity fish says: Hello: I have a problem to perplex me now, the hope can get your help! I am a female employee, work from thing lab in a foreign enterprise now, but I prepare to want the child, but knowing now is a working demit still is to continue to work. Be after giving birth to the child, more difficult apply for a job? Always felt to be pregnant the job is very no-go, how should I choose?

Luo Qinghua says: This is the professional bewilderment that the 2nd professional female birth problem that encounters today causes, most propbably has certain representative.
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