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Why be always " she " lose an election? Is obtain employment discrimination badl
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Why be always “ does her ” lose an election? Is obtain employment discrimination badly in need of legislation?
7 think into female undergraduate existence obtain employment is discriminated against, delegate of National People's Congress puts forward -- should obtain employment of equality of legislative safeguard female undergraduate

If “ cuts the hair so that mix the boy is euqally short, can gain same obtain employment opportunity, I aux would rather cut off long hair. ” was graduated from Chongqing last year the Guo Juan of some university, 5 months come, already traded several units, I had done not have “ have direction-sense, some of unit of choose and employ persons bright say to want a man student only, some wants a schoolgirl to be able to do casual only however, dry, the heart has unwilling; Change, all the time so free drift aimlessly go down? I want to alter this kind of aspect, can where is destination? ”

The sexual distinction in obtain employment discriminates against a phenomenon, become the “ that just holding in Chongqing the popular topic in two meetings ” . Delegates of 16 National People's Congress such as Lu Lei put forward to make jointly " regulation of obtain employment of Chongqing town work " second reading, stipulate laborer does not distribute the sexual distinction, nation right that enjoys equal obtain employment.

What why lose an election always is “ she”

Yang Gong is Chongqing brilliant student of major of some college Chinese, school work is outstanding, student cadre is held the position of all the time during the university, of one mind wants to do official. Began 2005, she attended exam of officeholder of various each district. “ allowed textual research to be folded greatly, some written examination achievement are very good, but interview mark proportion is very large, some is as high as 50 % , every time I am brushed by ‘ ' came down. ” as hope to be attributed to disappointment every time, she can hold a post in look forward to of illicit of one wife and children only. “ yes, this is not my dream, I feel unfamiliar to oneself now, is this me what ever having ambitious ambition? ”

Zhao Wen ever attended interview together with the boy friend for many times, be success of boy friend interview every time, she lost an election however. I take “ year after year fellowship, ever still was judged to be the class that visit a department outstanding student cadre, my boy friend contains the chip with tall Troy without so much, but unit of family choose and employ persons likes male. ”

Director of law of family of foreign country of university of expert of law of famous marriage family, southwest politics and law and woman theory research center Professor Chen Wei says, the survey result that they organize shows, the greatest difficulty that female undergraduate obtain employment faces is sexual distinction is discriminated against.
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