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New legal holiday adjusts draft to be announced now seek an opinion
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New legal holiday adjusts draft to face a society formally now to announce, begin to seek all circles opinion extensively. Yesterday, " People's Daily " , " bright daily " wait for media of the class central to roll out special subject in succession, the “ giving heat that is new off draft builds situation ” . In the meantime, the reporter reformed task group controller from holiday of university of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Tsinghua yesterday Cai afterwards in the open understands, 51 ” golden week cancels next year “ for certain, and will cancel “ henceforth 11 ” long holiday also is hasten of general trends place.

New legal holiday adjusts draft

The golden week: 51 ” of “ the golden week is legal the holiday turns into 1 day from 3 days of in the past; 11 ” of “ the golden week is legal the holiday keeps changeless; Spring Festival golden week puts false date to shift to an earlier date to the New Year's Eve.

Traditional festival: Midday of Pure Brightness, end, 3 big traditional red-letter days put a day each mid-autumn.

Annual is off: By fair show draft: Double cease new year's day of a day of holiday carries day of 52 days of ×2=104 mid-autumn midday Pure Brightness day of =6 of day of 2×3 of golden week of 51 =5 day adds up to 115 days.

Press before system: Double cease day of 52 days of ×2=104 new year's day of a day of holiday day of =9 of day of 3×3 of 1 day of golden weeks adds up to 114 days.

Cancel “ 11 ” golden week is hasten of general trends place

“ if this is multinomial choice title, I think everybody is met pick the golden week and traditional red-letter day on, but ‘ fish and bear's paw cannot hold concurrently ' . ” Cai Jiming says, legal holiday gross and national economy grow be closely bound up, increase impossibly at will. “ golden week and traditional festival have a holiday, holiday gross can increase considerably, our economic standard has not borne accordingly ability. ”

Cai Jiming says, the annual that new draft sets has a holiday gross is 115 days, although be compared only before many a day, but the limitation that this means manufacturing activity of the whole nation to also can suffer one day. “ basis country each authoritative statistic, the growth space of legal holiday gross is already special and limited, only economic standard continues to raise ability to increase likely. ” Cai Jiming still expresses, legal holiday is much, carry out in the enterprise take salary off difficulty can increase accordingly, because these two holidays are not included each other.

“ I think new off draft just still transfers plan, of the golden week too concentrative was destined it must be reformed, 11 ' golden week cancels ‘ also is hasten of general trends place. ” Cai Jiming tells a reporter, best off means, it is the belt that legal holiday and enterprise execute firewood is off can distributing equably. “ should come step by step, have a holiday plan can be adjusted every year, not be invariable. ”
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