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Sign " tripartite agreement " note and common law problem
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Sign note of ” of “ tripartite agreement and common law problem

Sign note of ” of “ tripartite agreement

The this year's graduates must know the thing of the path: Tripartite agreement is very significant

1. Distinguish correctly consultative period, probation and novitiate these 3 period, this matters to graduate rights and interests to safeguard directly.

Consultative period: It is from graduate and choose and employ persons the unit signs obtain employment agreement to begin, after lasting to sign labor contract all the time or till both sides terminates an agreement. It is inside consultative period, both sides had determined working intent, but the labor that did not establish formula of stand at attention concerns.

Probation: Basically be aimed at labor contract, graduate and the time that unit of choose and employ persons signs labor contract should be before try out, is not try out qualification hind. In the past a few units for play truant, inside probation, often do not sign labor contract with graduate. Once try out expires, look for a variety of excuse to dismiss. The basis concerns a provision, the deadline of probation and labor contract should agree.

Report Http://school.icxo.com question according to world handler school, agreed in the contract of novitiate, agree separately no longer probation, graduate novitiate comes for 6 months 12 months, the sun that reports for duty oneself rises consideration.

2. Obtain employment agreement reports for duty to the unit in graduate, the proper motion after unit of choose and employ persons is received formally is stopped.

3. Fill in when name of unit of choose and employ persons, notice without fail, the name on the effective seal of it and unit is uniform, be like abhorrent, the agreement is invalid. The student fills in when oneself professional title, want to agree with the professional title of school Dean's office, cannot logogram.

4. The time of probation and novitiate. Look forward to of foreign enterprise, joint ventures, illicit uses probation commonly, the basis adds up to the length of the corresponding period, can a month or 3 months differ, normally probation is 3 months, do not get more than 6 months. National office, college, institute uses novitiate commonly, it is a year normally. Probation and novitiate are taken only among them one of, another stroke.

5. Penalty due to breach of contract. Talk things over by student and both sides of unit of choose and employ persons affirmatory. Many units for student of “ tarry ” , specify penalty due to breach of contract of high specified number, restrain a student with this. The student can strive to fall penalty due to breach of contract in talk things over lowest, normally penalty due to breach of contract must not exceed 5000 yuan.
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