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5 large issue are become " labor contract law " new central issue of the controv
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 Employee is contended for for ” of long “ rice bowl on arbitral front courtyard

" labor contract law " since carrying out, a few new labor dispute proposals begin protruding to show. The labor that the reporter visited area of this city part yesterday learns after arbitral branch, terminate labor contract, the requirement pays economy to compensate 5 kinds of dispute such as gold to had appeared in labor on arbitral front courtyard. After Tan Yoming analyses the expert, labor law is forecasted, as the elapse of time, the amount of dispute of dispute of these 5 kinds of labor will increase apparently, become likely will work henceforth the new central issue of controversy.

Besides terminate labor contract, outside asking to pay economy to compensate gold, dispute of additionally 4 kinds of new work is: Already signed contract of fixed deadline labor twice continuously, the requirement is signed without contract of fixed deadline labor; Ought to be signed and did not sign without contract of fixed deadline labor, the requirement pays double salary; A month did not sign labor contract, the requirement pays double salary; Break the law remove, terminate labor contract, the requirement pays double compensation.


  Consciousness of employee dimension authority increases greatly

The labor that waits for an area according to Min Hang, lasting peace arbitrates the branch discloses, these areas had heard the case that involves 5 kinds of afore-mentioned dispute partly. Among them in the labor dispute case that Min travel area reached to was accepted in March this year in January, the requirement signs the case that does not have contract of fixed deadline labor plan 45, 2.86% what the case that take experience counts.

The middle ten days of a month wanted Min Hang Ou Mou company to sign contract of fixed deadline labor with many 30 employee this year in January. When the company wants to sign a contract with these employee, these employee put forward however, they work in the company full already 10 years, according to " labor contract law " regulation, the company should be signed with them without solid fixed contract. This one requirement of employee is in after refusing by the company, bilateral conflict upgrades further. After that, employee announces this issue the area to work arbitral courtyard, ask the company is signed already without contract of fixed deadline labor, ask the company pays pair of times salary by the regulation again.

When speaking of these controversy may becoming the matter of new central issue, the personage inside course of study is analysed, because these controversy are in,basically be " labor contract law " in relevant provision most sensitive, most the personal interest that involves employee, sign be restricted regularly without solid contract, pay double salary to wait for section chief of the member that involve long rice bowl problem, the number that pay and compensates for is larger, accordingly, these problems make contradictory central point the most likely. “ from last year second half of the year begins, media conduct propaganda, report " labor contract law " later, consciousness of employee dimension authority increases greatly. Now, employee can choose appropriate opportunity to counterpoise actively for him dimension more and more. ”
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