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Administrator is optimal choose means
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Be in " administrative practice " in one book, peter. De Luke points out, the enterprise comes from in choose external controller when, about 3 therein having 1 is accurate. Half many century went, on the industry body that this data uses today still effective, actually the average grade of Chinese enterprise has not reach this level that Deluke says, although be over there the western company with relatively lead level of management, the accuracy rate of exterior controller also is in choose from beginning to end 50% fluctuation wander.

General motors and the “ of 10 thousand divisionsRecipe ”

Before seeking the most calculable way, make the “ that we view two talent government first optimal carry out ” .

De Luke ever considered to manage a task in general motors interior. Through making an on-the-spot investigation, he discovered general motors has the recipe of numerous talent: Discreet its thing. Si Longben's person uses the time of most at human affairs problem almost, on his notebook, have some time the memorandum with 143 individual decision-making responsibilities, so great weight is held in his schedule without other everything. Although Si Long takes an active part in strategy discussion on tall canal conference, give experts always however dominant authority, but the problem that speaks of human affairs, of dominant is him himself certainly. The time of most of tall canal conference of general motors also is a flower go up in the discussion of human affairs problem, the research of policy of company of and rather than. Once, the problem that the conference allocates in the light of job of basic level staff and post discussed several hours, ling Delu gram indissolubles very. To this, si Long's explanation is: “ company gives me so favorable treatment, want me to do namely great and decision-making, and do not produce error. Ask you to tell me, what decision-making is the management that compares a person more fundamental? ”

10 thousand divisions are estate company. Real-estate project cycle is very long, need the left and right sides 5 years commonly, because if manufacturing industry is rapid in that way,this talent team resembles other industry very hard,expand, and the talent requirement that 10 thousand divisions satisfied oneself not only, still going up objectively the ” of military school of talent “ Huang Bu that makes a person of the same trade. It is what reason makes 10 thousand divisions are in such high-speed development, occupational controller in a steady stream ceaselessly emerge in large numbers?

The recipe of 10 thousand divisions can use “50” and “500” two numbers will generalize. Annual, in ministry of resource of group labor power take the lead below, the examine and verify of the outstanding achievement according to employee and the commendation that superior is in charge of and manpower resource ministry, 10 thousand divisions can choose from a gleam of give to have rise go to run mothball team character, this team includes two shares, one part is rise to middle-level from basic level probably 500 people, one part is rise to the high level from middle-level probably 50 people.
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