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Labor management needs intensive cultivation one
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In show level how to improve business labor productivity, enhance company competition ability thereby, had become the issue that the enterprise pays close attention to most

The day of the enterprise begins since this year more and more uneasy.

According to CCTV of not long ago " economy half hours " a messages disclose, wen Zhou produced the whole nation this the city of the dress of 10% , shoe of 20% , razor of 60% , lock of 65% , glasses of 80% , metallic crust lighter of 90% and the watercolour pen of 90% , because raw material cost rises, and as a result of new " labor contract law " the labor cost that normative place brings raises wait for an element, the company that there already is about 20% this year is in close down or the condition of half close down.

Besides afore-mentioned reasons, chinese enterprise still is facing a variety of dilemma: Land price and land royalities rise, the cost that use the land rises; House of international oil price does not fall high, and ascendant impetus is not decreased, rise in price to carrying finished product oil to form pressure. Accordingly, a few quantities the product with heavy, carriage far distance, its carry cost to be able to rise substantially undoubtedly, especially the cost of freight and passenger transport enterprise can rise more; The government leaves to ask for and raise resource tax to of all kinds resource; Decrease and cancel to export drawback, will raise exit to reach relatively with the cost that exports relevant company. In addition, capital element cost also can rise; The country is improved and raise an enterprise to discharge the expropriation of cost, also can raise the cost of one part enterprise; As a result of new " labor contract law " standard, also rising of the enterprise with labor illegal cost.

No wonder the expert hallooes Chinese enterprise entered ” of times of “ high cost truly this year! Really, the external environment of at present has worked the enterprise especially it seems that concentrated model with treatment exit enterprise all exit are blocked up dead, the managers of Chinese broad medium and small businesses are depressed. Whether had been the enterprise forced really hopeless situation and can await one's doom?

Not be of course!

The Kronos of labor management provider with the greatest whole world is “ labor management at the theme was being held in Beijing on July 2, the high-level forum of the good luck ” below new challenge, invited the expert of home's famous manpower resource domain, scholar, how to mix in brand-new economic situation with respect to the enterprise opportunity is seized in policy environment, promote labour force level of management in the round, refine management to transform to essence of life by extensive management, launched the issue such as competition ability of labour force translate into to discuss, try to seek the solution that walks out of predicament for the enterprise.
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