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Labor management needs intensive cultivation 2
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Personnel deploys insufficient meeting to make produce can drop, performance drops; And personnel is deployed superfluous can bring about invalid salary and overtime.

It is with retail trade exemple, retail trade manages harder than manufacturing industry, because suffer a variety of explicit element effects, logic of salary computation means is complex, manual computation workload is big and make mistake easily, thereby employee satisfaction is spent reduce. So retail trade encounters very big challenge in this respect, tall, salary calculates salary computation empty mistake, add up to class of compasses sex management, platoon to attemper lack is optimized. The conservatory efficiency that so retail trade follows us is same, any problems should be divided with the number, any efficiency should be multiplied with the number.

Because the industry is characteristic, the salesman of bazaar midday have dinner a hour also often is bar of need give attention to two or morethings, should employer calculate the wage of this one hour to them after all? If calculated, so this bazaar comes down one year to be about to pay 80 million yuan of RMBs more. For these 80 million pairs of employer, can many an inn.

Can see from this, the platoon class that the enterprise needs the essence of labour force to refine management to offer automation for them attempers and control, enhance the control ability of the enterprise thereby, help enterprise reduces cost, improve labor utilization rate and manufacturing efficiency.

Change management to still face a challenge subtly

Labour force essence refines management to enterprise of Chinese great majority, still be a very new idea, how to let the company understands and accept this concept and administrative way, and inside the demand of oneself of melt into enterprise, look still need proper time.

More important is, manufacturing industry to the service transition of course of study is now a tendency that the company grows, no matter be traditional service course of study or knowledge new service line of business, having updated demand to the management of “ person ” . The talent in resembling such IT knowledge company for instance is main body, but flow of this main body is more frequent, a lot of things that examine very difficult dosage to change go thinking, how to use the administrative way that changes subtly to knowledge employee, still need to fumble go carrying out.

Expert viewpoint:

Labor management: Want human nature to change already, want to be changed subtly again

Zhao Yue (Chinese labor learns deputy secretary-general) : " labor contract law " interrupted limits of capacity of enterprise interior worker thoroughly from legal meaning, the harmony that concerns as a result of labor is stable, the attributive feeling of the cohesive affinity to the worker, worker to the enterprise also meets the enterprise increase further. Because the interest of this enterprise also can get more cogent and effective protection.
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