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The fetch of hundred years old store
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Have an old rumor -- the soul leaves a body, the person can end life. The enterprise also has life, what is the soul of that enterprise?

The soul of element assimilate to that if wait capital, person, product, market a moment you,thinks pair of businesses are extremely main, inevitable metropolis is refuted. In the long course of hundred years enterprise, these elements had gotten challenge almost: The enterprise can borrow money overshoot predicament, the company can change to lead and do not decline, the company can change the product still retains vigor, the enterprise can seek development …… to still have in different market lots and lots of the factor is crucial to the enterprise, but should say which element and company are born to stop together together, na Wei has company culture.

Affirmative somebody objects, think most small company does not have company culture at all. But in fact, wanting it only is an enterprise, be affected inevitably by ground of a few ideas, and these ideas are a kind of culture. Because this most small company is not to do not have company culture, did not realize it had had culture of some kind of company however.

Since company culture is the soul of the enterprise, the spirit that is like colleague then is same, the soul has exalted, have despicable, have infuriation, have depression, have beg new, no matter,have conservative …… the soul how, it is existing, sure existence is worn, because have the spirit,just have life. The enterprise has company culture, but the company culture between the enterprise is put in the distinction with massive move again, these distinction basically are: Prominent firm is having predominant company culture, take seriously because of it and devote oneself to its to develop; Average company is having common company culture, because it still does not have enough attention, had been not bred correctly and use company culture; Poor company is having the company culture that did not realize even oneself, system disorder, efficiency low, personnel is slack etc is a kind of culture, one kind puts the culture that be in in fact.

Japanese enterprise causes the whole world to pay close attention to in two afterwar and flying development, manage what proud United States also must face up to Japan to confuse with reason originally. And Japanese success however the administrative soft element that just is negligence of reason government institute, among them the most important is the culture in blending in an enterprise. Company culture is the soul of Japanese enterprise without doubt, perhaps because of this, japanese won't suspect the its action, presence that need not face up to it, one busies the normal person that grow is to won't stop think -- the soul is how one and the same. But the United States that takes research seriously is different however, in taking the anguish that defies a tradition slightly, take the lead in bravely putting forward company culture to say.
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