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The office holds two or more posts concurrently
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Company name: Longyan city starts limited company of interconnection science and technology newly in collect area
Position type: Sales promotion / propaganda paterial / placard
Specific duty: The office holds two or more posts concurrently
Workplace: Henan is saved - area of the inn that be stationed in a horse
Number of invite applications for a job: 8 people
Release time: 2008-9-24
End time: 2008-10-24
Pay: 100/ day
Working hours:
Contact: Yellow
Address: Fujian Province the Fuzhou City the storehouse is a mountainous area
Connect a telephone call: 411634926
Email: Fjm_060311@163.com
Pluralistic content: The opportunity always gives the person of the action, far-sighted person, have preparative person.
The person that succeed succeeds, because hesitate in everybody,be, suspicion, when wandering, these people are acting however! ! ! And you? ? ? QQ 411634926
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