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Campus recruit students publicizes a director
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Company name: Zhengzhou wisdom sound teachs advisory limited company
Position type: Other
Specific duty: Campus recruit students publicizes a director
Workplace: Henan is saved - Zhengzhou city
Number of invite applications for a job: 10 people
Release time: 2008-9-25
End time: 2008-10-25
Pay: Base salary deduct a percentage from a sum of money accessorial
Working hours: After school time
Contact: King teacher
Address: Culture road 6
Connect a telephone call: 13598098415
Pluralistic content: 1: In school undergraduate, the recruit students of the member that be in charge of be engaged in tester of qualificatory card attestation publicizes the job.
2: Take an examination of major to have: Message of sale of business affairs of secretary of management of manpower resource, content shedding, business affairs administration, electron, market, computer manages.

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