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Campus officer
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Company name: Wuhan day arrogant is contemporary education consults limited company
Position type: Other
Specific duty: Campus officer
Workplace: Henan is saved - Zhengzhou city
Number of invite applications for a job: Much person
Release time: 2008-9-25
End time: 2008-10-26
Pay: The face is discussed
Working hours: After school
Contact: Mr Zhang
Address: Road of Zhengzhou city tung cypress 183
Connect a telephone call: 0371-67665558
Email: Tianjiaozz@163.com
Pluralistic content: My company is dedicated the major that grooms at exam of countrywide computer order and degree teachs an orgnaization (Www.tianjiaoxd.cn) , pass old education to groom, already developed become China area of medium, Hua Dong is the biggest exam of computer order and degree grooms orgnaization, admit need because of business now, hire area campus total representative, campus representative urgently (the job inside the school) a certain number of names, the requirement is as follows:
1, be in school this / the specialized subject is unripe, the men and women is not restricted!
2, individual character is hopeful, active, work serious, responsible (the person that have student union or want to pass the person that the part-time job reduces domestic burden really is preferential consideration) .
3, the job inside this school, working hours is after school time, freedom allocation, do not take up normal schooltime.
4, our company are affirmatory: Once employ, short-term inside can obtain favorable remuneration, have the person that highlight show to the job, the company will give more capacious development the space.
5, intended person take photocopy of resume and Id, student's identification card to undertake interview to the company oneself please.
6, district requirement: Each provincial towns such as province of Hubei province, Henan province, Jiangsu province, Hunan Province, the Anhui province, Jiangxi, Shanxi province, Shanghai and student of local city college, other area is OK also phone or mail seek advice, wuhan headquarters is in charge of receiving turn information of to apply for a job
7, pay pay: Treatment is favorable, labour makes color can be solved in those days tuitional or living cost (particular case face is discussed)
8, date of invite applications for a job: Long-term and effective
9, company headquarters phone: 027-50656663
Zhengzhou branch phone: 0371-67665558 15003899305
Firm network address: Http://www.tianjiaoxd.cn/ mailbox: Tianjiaoxd@163.com of Zhengzhou Tianjiaozz@163.com headquarters

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