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Company name: Information of Zhengzhou gold city consults a company
Position type: Sales promotion / propaganda paterial / placard
Specific duty: Plugger
Workplace: Henan is saved - Zhengzhou city
Number of invite applications for a job: Much person
Release time: 2008-9-25
End time: 2008-10-25
Working hours:
Contact: Plum manager
Address: Zhengzhou city on the west ave 156
Connect a telephone call: 13803989539
Pluralistic content: Market of invite applications for a job holds two or more posts concurrently only propagandist personnel, the men and women is not restricted, sky beyond time is more abundant, the person that can challenge high pay is preferential employ, salary week writtens guarantee!
Requirement: 1. Have the good mind that respect property and group collaboration mind
2. can be hard-working, have stronger sense of responsibility
3. is active and aspirant, be good at communicating the person that communicate

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