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User query Shenzhen to the rich people atrial fill
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Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security's a hot attracted much notice, this is a high-level professionals in Shenzhen, the third quarter of the list of housing subsidies to be paid, including the senior managers of many enterprises in Shenzhen Members, Tencent CEO Ma, chairman Xu Shaochun Kingdee such was among them. Many non-low-income workers into the areas of housing subsidies lead to Internet users questioned. High-end talent that housing subsidies should not take Some netizens believe that granting housing subsidies to high-end talent right. Granting housing subsidies to local governments to attract top talent as a policy, not only in Shenzhen, in China many local Jieyou implementation. Ma, Xu Shao Chun money is earned by themselves; government subsidies for qualified personnel is a preferential policy for talent, real talent should be respected and preferential treatment. However, Huang X P. signed the blog post that for those on business and economic development, who made great contributions to a reward, the surface is talent, but in fact is "Mind your own business." A person made on the economy Contribution, he would naturally get the market return, including those people, including Ma, the market also has indeed given them a high return, they either have billions of assets, or enjoy a generous salary. Since the market can The pricing of human values, why inserted again the local government of a thick stick. The article also that, for those with real ability, but the income does not offset the high prices, can not be settled in the city of talent, the Government should not provide subsidies. Because can not afford housing because of income do not blame these people Into the low, but blame the high prices. Regal made to "make room" is a waste of Some netizens said that the matter of the deplorable is that giving money and take the money probably do not care about money. Signed by a "day" blog article also believe that Ma made to "make room" is the policy of waste. What is needed is Ma? For such a rich, there is no "house meeting" of a kind, and will not allow him to Local government "moved to tears," because the marginal benefit decreases. Ma is concerned that the local investment environment, preferential policy support the development of space, and so on. Some netizens believe that housing subsidies from the government-issued taxpayer money to subsidize their talents with the acceptable use them to supplement the rich is difficult to convince the public, so policies need to be further refined. Persons need not, Overweight people who do not have to, it is a policy on waste. Internet users also said better incentives to these potential "Ma" who, for those who have a cavity blood strenuously to entrepreneurs in Shenzhen, so that they have given the home. Policy should reflect the fair Some netizens said that housing prices soaring in the background, to the ten billion granting housing subsidies to the rich appears to have somewhat ironic, does not know that there are several local Shenzhen alone, millions of "ant" goes back corner of the city , Provided that right-thinking person would suspect that they are the ones who really need such subsidies. Li Jinlei signed article says, on the one hand the rich richer and the poor poorer one is, it feels great contrast unfair. The old saying goes "do not suffer from a time-honored" national "Twelve Five" plan-based Adjustment will also be to "enrich" and narrow the wealth gap and income gap between social classes is also the question of building a harmonious society of justice. Now a lot of money assets, sitting on a huge wealth of corporate executives and ordinary people are competing in the community Council resources, but also under the provisions of the Government openly compete with the people, it is against social justice. Signed Zhufang Qing's blog post that the policy-making and comprehensive regulation is the primary means of maintaining social equity. A city of limited housing subsidies so that poor people need most, "fancies," but easily Goes to the pockets of the rich, such a policy is clearly contrary to the principle of fairness. Would be necessary to review the reasonableness of policy implementation and legitimacy, and the subsequent timely amendment.