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The expert is raised action, help you cross resume to close opportunely
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Distance graduation does not calculate distant, had you found good job? If had been not found, the post that perhaps finds is not quite ideal, you had thought, what job do oneself still have to was not done good in process of to apply for a job? Expert of obtain employment guidance is commented on through resume and " imitate interview " , the problem that encounters in process of to apply for a job for the student undertook analysing.

Resume is commented on piece

● about content

1, character: Succinct outstanding key, the expert points out, the character is succinct, the key is outstanding, it is the demand with a the mainest resume, and the big fear that ambiguous, expatiatory, flowery is resume. Simple for, the individual is basic achievement of setting of circumstance, education, bear the palm, be resume of a to apply for a job is basic make element.

In addition, chinese and English resume is all ready also be current the main demand of to apply for a job, "No matter be state-owend enterprise, foreign enterprise or government sector, the foreign language already made indispensible tool. Chinese and English resume should have competitive advantage more than general resume apparently.

2, intent: Accomplish without preamble resume should communicate purpose of clear to apply for a job to human affairs branch above all, be like the particular branch that should apply for and post. The begin that believes in to apply for a job for instance makes clear want to apply for the financial assistant post that learns professional be identical with place, the hope gets interview chance, such manpower resource branches are met be clear at a glance. But some student union think, it is OK that the company wants me, how won't I choose. But station of a lot of companies needs to have professional knowledge, you do not say to be clear about, human affairs branch won't help you raise appropriate position, 2 meetings think you do not have very good consideration on professional pursuit " .

3, diction: Careful with " responsible " the diction with two suitable words also is place of an eligible resume is indispensible. For instance careful with " responsible " 2 words, when some students are describing an exercitation to experience, often use " responsible company such-and-such project " a kind statement. And human affairs branch is clear, a trainee is unlikely to undertake the project of the company independently, use here " participate in " a kind term is more appropriate.

● about the form 1, page number: 9 pages can, human affairs branch prefers succinct " Onepage resume " () of resume of one page paper, the resume of some students has 56 pages, even market of make it photo, human affairs branch spends many time ability to find need information, the result is bad instead. Generally speaking, the individual personal details with a piece of succinct and relevant content (sometimes even) of an English edition, a letter of to apply for a job with clear purpose of target of to apply for a job is basiccer configuration.
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