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10 points let your resume show itself
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How can just write a good resume, let oneself show itself from inside 100 thousand resume?

One, content must true

The text of an annotated book of chief inspector of resource of manpower of IBM China area outstanding emphasize, no matter be your intellectual level, professional ability, still be your job

Experience, no matter be the which link of resume, even if be a tiny part, when writing these things, want to follow true principle, should have carried out " true " this principle. In process of invite applications for a job, if once be discovered by unit of choose and employ persons your resume has,make false appearance, bearing morality of applicant also can be lost completely, this also is destined this applicant cannot find outstanding employer.

2, the target is certain and specific

IBM is in charge of the Su Yi of campus invite applications for a job expressing, when the position that applying for big company especially, must be in resume is the markeddest place, state those who be clear that oneself hope to work clearly " target city " , " target branch " and " target post " . What is should taking oneself good position seriously especially, analyse the origin of your target position simply from the respect such as professional, skill, experience, interest next. Abstain from absolutely the applicant of those try to attend to big and small matters all at onces, and this kind of applicant that to oneself position did not make clear a target, also be the easiest the target that is eliminated.

3, simple but want thick

Simple means, must not write resume on 56 pages, branch of general manpower resource is in charge of the person that resume chooses the first round, look without so much energy at all. According to Xi Menzi the company is in charge of Introduction Sun Xiaogong of campus invite applications for a job, choose brief last a period of time in the first round commonly, will on average tell, see a resume have 30 only at most, the time of 40 seconds, zhang Shu's so too much resume enrols a person very easily irritated. Proposal resume Zhang Shu had better be controlled in 9 pieces inside, do not exceed 3 pieces at most.

" be clear at a glance " resume, the biggest characteristic that is an applicant certainly is put in resume the most prominent place, ten million cannot let choose the person of resume, from the summary in resume, characteristic that abstracts you.

Thick it is to show resume content wants to abound, delivered information content must big. It is clear to want advantage of experience of the educational setting oneself, work, capacity to be conveyed one by one.

4, use cut back method

When a lot of people are writing resume, like to be told from in the past now. The proposal had better use cut back means to write, direct from the most adjacent time proceed with, the person that let resume choose obtains important information more easily. When necessary, a few important information can be handled mainly, but must not handle too flowery, facilitate reading is the mainest principle.
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