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The 14 writing principle of high level resume
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1, want scrutiny already the resume of existing writings, cannot appear absolutely the elementary mistake of wrongly written or mispronounced characters, grammar and punctuation mark respect. The friend that had better make style of writing good helps you be examined, because others compares yourself,easier examination gives a mistake.

2, resume had better be printed with A4 standard duplicating paper, font had better use body of commonly used the Song Dynasty or block letter, do not use the artistic form of a written or printed character of the whistle in the flower and chromatic word as far as possible, composing wants concise and lively, avoid by all means does sth unconventional or unorthodox, the elephantine ad of the platoon is same. Of course, if you are applied for, is composing the job is exceptional.

3, the resume that should remember you must stress a focal point, it is not your individual autobiography, the thing that the job that applies for with you has nothing to do wants to be not written as far as possible, and significant to the job that you apply for experience and experience cannot leak absolutely.

4, the resume that should assure you can make invite applications for a job person it is in 30 seconds, can judge the value that gives you, whether to and decide recruit you.

5, your resume is briefer better, because person of invite applications for a job does not have time,perhaps not be willing to spend too much time to read an expatiatory and empty resume. Had better be in one page paper finish, do not exceed two pages commonly.

6, the company that the resume that should be sure to keep in mind not to send you merely applies for to you, attach of one Feng Jian weak point apply for a letter, can make the company raises the good opinion to you. Otherwise, your successful odds will be reduced greatly.

7, the proof data of the outstanding achievement that in wanting to offer resume as far as possible, mentions and ability, add at the back of of resume as accessory. Must remembering is Xerox, must not send original to give invite applications for a job the unit, lose in case.

8, must use active language, avoid by all means writes your resume with devoid self-confidence and inactive language. Best method is the resume that writes you when your humor is good.

9, cannot without foundation is fictional your experience, lying is mean forever, the company can like lying stuff without which, but also not was necessary to draw up all your real experience. To you to apply for a job experiences you adversely but oversight is not written.

10, the structure that should organize good resume, cannot appear in each person resume reduplicative content. Let a person feel your resume method is fair, the construction is strict it is very important.

11, the resume that had better write you with the 3rd person, do not appear in resume " me " model of written characters.

12, your individual experience should begin past appraise to appeal to from now orderly, can make unit of invite applications for a job understands your recent experience inside the shortest time so.
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