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Write resume how to look for accurate Top keyword
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Some closer pelter of day air temperature, but the to apply for a job on undergraduate net however like a raging fire. But, the huge information on the net can bring rare opportunity already, the to apply for a job with will average likelihood person merciless annihilation. How can the to apply for a job on the net just find the good job of high pay?

Quantify oneself to want to highlight a keyword

"Must have looked for oneself keyword! " Mr Zou tells a reporter, the look for on net of company of invite applications for a job, wait with intention of requirement of record of formal schooling, qualifications and record of service, compensation, position normally for the keyword, the person that choose to apply for a job quickly. So, the undergraduate fills in when network resume, should oneself piece change, put into corresponding keyword, be in each " label " below, with direct figure and example him introduction. The brief introduction such as ability of hobby of experience of working experience, part-time job, disposition, individual, want to avoid big literal description, condense as far as possible quantify " just a little 3 " etc a few " bit " , if participated in what project, the environment of soft, hardware that writes clear project can; Compensation requirement should arrive accurately specific figure, use palter less " up and down " " the left and right sides " wait; Intent of to apply for a job is not miscellaneous, had better be each other are relevant " position group " .

Message is real protective individual privacy

"Did not obtain scholarship, ten million cannot be written! Company of invite applications for a job can be checked in the dark. " Mr Zou reminds an undergraduate in him protection the premise of privacy falls, answer to provide oneself actual information as far as possible. The network is fictitious, but invite applications for a job is very real however. A lot of big companies will " face-to-face " invite applications for a job can be placed to the net, had done " make a holiday " preparation. For instance, like Holand bank such crossing national big company can not hesitate manpower material resources, to the person that obtain employment does or the courtyard fastens confirm to apply for a job in resume a certain " little detail " ; Some companies still can ask to fill in in of all kinds part-time job " colleague " full name and mobile phone -- a phone hits the past, the authenticity of resume can " identify " .

Besides information true, to apply for a job outside sincere letter, the to apply for a job on the net knows protective individual privacy even. It is full name, mobile phone, mailbox, OK to secure a phone to wait as far as possible accurate, comprehensive. But, id number however cannot easily " outside pass " , and the undergraduate had better leave dormitory phone and address only in resume.

Understand language of invite applications for a job a mind which perceives both past and future search " husband's family "
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