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Deliver resume should do how without the reply
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Among the process that seeks advice in the profession, encountering most problem is resume deliver goes out to do not have echo. This let a lot of people generate suspicion to the authenticity of information, the reason that still has a lot of besides authenticity actually also brought about the resume that goes out fully to did not reply:


1, the enterprise can be in website of invite applications for a job of a few common and platform release information of invite applications for a job, but some moment, enterprise itself does not have this position, just want to use this resource adequately, in position of certain of invite applications for a job when additional kept a lot of other position, rejoice too soon of the person that the result lets to apply for a job;

2, enterprise square to enlarge oneself famous degree, regarded the platform of invite applications for a job as an advertisement platform, such word, will publicize oneself through large-scale invite applications for a job, if see some enterprises use platform of network invite applications for a job a layout or likely layout will release information, have such possibility likely;

3, honest mailbox system has the company automatic screen system, if the mail of accessory also can be dropped by screen;

4, choice opportunity is incorrect, some position have a lot of personnel to undertake competitive, can be believed so inside short time by hundreds to apply for a job, if be cast so that mix too early,lose a chance likely too late;

5, the company will be first the information that chooses a certain channel to offer, make clear such-and-such channel for instance preferential;

6, did not come according to normative format according to the requirement of the enterprise deliver, for instance the requirement makes clear registered permanent residence, record of formal schooling or compensation;

7, website the page for him augment, release a lot of invalid information come out or weigh recrudescent cloth information;

8, the requirement of the individual's condition and enterprise has difference;

9, did not see well to a few specific requirements, for instance some goes already check, or sexual requirement;

10, resume does not have appeal, cannot stress oneself dominant position;

11, resume too individualize, let the other side feel you not profession, immature;

12, additional the photograph is a Shuang Renjian, if be illuminated badly, it is ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous instead;

13, capability is too strong, make invite applications for a job square feel oneself temple door is too small;

14, blind deliver, the ability that does not have him basis and had competition ability will choose a profession, such word is equal to wait for windfalls;

15, the compensation demand that discloses oneself and condition, bring about be sent talent library directly;

16, interior of business working personnel recommends its friend to had acquired position;
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