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Ji of secret of success of graduate telephone interview
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Where: Pick up the telephone to also want to choose a place.

Quiet it is the most fundamental condition when accepting telephone interview. If be,agree with the unit beforehand, that is in agreeing time paragraph the environment that applicant should ensure he lies to be not disturbed, such you won't be done mood is restlessly by other issue, do not pick up the telephone to get online at the same time at the same time for instance, avoid MSN or the clew acoustics of QQ is ceaseless, perhaps let " you have did not read post " the talk that such message jumps out to affect you; Not be by the side of the driveway of clamorous perhaps pick up the telephone in tea lane, listen to the query of not clear the other side so, 2 come noisy environment makes a person easily also fretted. If to apply for a job person receive telephone call of the other side no-go however answer, that should seasonable specification " feel embarrassed, I am no-go now pick up the telephone, whether can we restrict a time afresh " etc, general metropolis accessibly agrees with unit of choose and employ persons your requirement. But must not lying telephone interview undertakes in the chair, such pose can affect your sound and attitude certainly.

When: Right time does right thing.

Hear many graduate such complaining: "Some unit calls suddenly will want telephone interview I, the there hoarse English in the phone, plus my nervous mood, know what the other side is saying scarcely, when ending, I am connected ' Thanks ' forgot to say! " many applicant and unit of choose and employ persons say, can call at any time come over interview, him result did not get ready however, not be too brash do not regain consciousness namely, make telephone interview ends in failure finally. So once deliver oneself resume, be about to do good the other side to call at any time the preparation that come, put oneself resume, jotter, pen around the phone. If want to talk the time of telephone interview with unit of choose and employ persons, be in timeline as far as possible working hours less than, you ask the HR of unit of choose and employ persons is beyond working hours very hard smoke time to go again interview a this year's graduates.

Ji of secret of telephone interview success:

No.1 remembers smiling, the other side can experience your smile.

No.2 prepares a cup of water, in the process of interview you can need it for certain.

No.3 pulls time not actively too longly, the other side also has a schedule, too much time is spent impossibly on one individual body.

No.4 raises the question of pay pay respect not actively, but if be asked about such problem, not sedulous also evasive.

No.5 interview is the process of bilateral and mutual observation and understanding, applicant also can raise any questions that you consider to understand to interview official, such meetings appear you pay close attention to a company more.
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