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3 kinds of in short supply talents such as movie and TV are popular duty field
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A few days ago, seminar of industry of movie and TV of 2008 Shanghai China and foreign countries is held in Shanghai. On the seminar, the person that attend the meeting discussed creation of movie and TV, production to publish the issue such as the education that reachs talented person of movie and TV jointly. So, on the market after all in short supply talent of what kind of movie and TV, their income level how? For this, the reporter interviewed the soup teacher of Shanghai multimedia guild, and expert of resource of manpower of some talent website, lead wide readership to walk into heaven and earth of talent of movie and TV.

The current situation: Breach of talent of movie and TV exceeds 200 thousand person

Current, field of solid already quotations changes industry of our country movie and TV run, the favourable policy that the government also published prosperity of development of a batch of stimulative movie and TV, creation and international collaboration, this brought the initiative that throws career of movie and TV from personnel of course of study and social force and creativity into play greatly. Accordingly, these a few years, our country movie and TV also presents the momentum that gave to grow quickly continuously.

As we have learned, the orgnaization of production of movie and TV that at present our country has dimensions to differ many 1000, the theatrical work of movie and TV that makes production every year amounts to on 1000, include feature film, opera piece, newsreel, cartoon, science and educational film, attracted audience of countrywide movie and TV to amount to 100 much person-time.

In last few years, booking office of home market of movie and TV already carried the increase rate of 20% above continuously, so good development the look of things also makes wide Na Xiancai of industry of movie and TV. Although at present industry of countrywide movie and TV exceeds 3 million person from personnel of course of study, but gross still is not worth, and structure of certain qualified personnel is unreasonable also, especially professional is not worth badly, high-level talent is more in short supply.

As the ceaseless development of new field of the development of new and high technology and industry, catenary of industry of movie and TV is resembling to overseas market, sound and each domain freely such as new media are outspread, from this, the talented person that needs each domains and administrative levels produces effect. The expert thinks, in the near future movie and TV from gross of personnel of course of study will with relatively increase substantially, predict 2015, talent of movie and TV will be put in the breach of at least 200 thousand person.

Demand: 3 kinds of talents are very in short supply

The reporter understands from multimedia guild, 2007, our country only income of domestic movies booking office amounts to 3.3 billion yuan, abroad income 2 billion yuan, channel of movie and TV broadcasts income 1.38 billion yuan, can calculate, the total production value of homebred last year movie and TV already achieved 6.68 billion yuan, this still does not include the income of phonic resembling goods. And TV ad income is climbed more every year successively litre. Can foreknow, the development space of future of movie and TV is very satisfactory.
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